Better navigation for MLS subscribers with RPR deep links

Do you want to streamline navigation between MLS and RPR pages for your REALTOR® subscribers? Discover RPR Deep Links – a value-added resource that allows subscribers to swiftly transition from a property page on your website to the corresponding page on RPR.

Deep Links are one of many resources offered to MLS Partners at no additional cost.

A Brief Overview of Deep Links

  • 1
    For Deep Links to work, a website developer needs to write a piece of code to pass the appropriate variable to the link.
  • 2
    Deep Links can be opened in an existing window, a new window, or in an iframe.
  • 3
    If users aren’t signed into RPR, they will be prompted to log in unless SSO is configured.
  • 4
    Deep Links can be used for both Commercial and Residential mode, with branding, and with Single Sign-On (SSO).
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Pro Tip

Combine your Deep Links with RPR Branding, a unique feature that helps to keep your brand front and center for subscribers.
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Integrate with RPR

RPR Deep Link Opportunities

Before testing, make sure you log in to RPR

Getting Started With Deep Links

  • 1
    Log into RPR and go to your Profile, then select MLS Dashboard.
  • 2
    From the search field, enter a property address or geographical area.
  • 3
    Select Residential or Commercial mode.
  • 4
    Choose the RPR pages that will connect to the Deep Links, such as Property/Listing Details, Reports, Search Results, Neighborhoods, and Schools.
  • 5
    Click Test This Link and then Copy All Deep Links on the right side of the page.
  • 6
    Enter the developer’s email address to send the copied Deep Links and click Send.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your website developer will need to write a piece of code to pass the appropriate variable (property address, geography, school, etc) to the Deep Link to make it functional.

No, there is no additional cost. Deep Links, like all of RPR, is a REALTOR® benefit.

For more on Deep Links, contact [email protected]

Ready for next steps?

Setting up Deep Links for your MLS is easy but does require a developer.

Send us your contact info and a member of our Industry Relations team will walk you through the process.