RPR View™

Simple solutions for expanding the reach of your listings

RPR View

RPR View™ lets your MLS decide who views your listings and what they see.

RPR is an exclusive real estate data platform that, through RPR View™, allows participating MLSs to share nothing, everything, or something in between for on- and off-market listings—and is available only to REALTORS®.

Through RPR View™, Brokers will engage a wider audience for their listings, notably in contiguous markets or among MLSs with reciprocal agreements.

Why is RPR View different?

  1. There are no costs associated with RPR View™.
  2. You choose which listing statuses to display.
  3. You choose which MLS(s) to share with, or choose to display for ALL MLSs.
  4. Agents easily create CMAs and market data reports in contiguous markets.
  5. RPR View™ includes the world-class RPR Mobile™ app.

Plus, RPR offers a robust lineup of training opportunities which include webinars and video tutorials, and will even customize a webinar for your market, all in an effort to facilitate a successful rollout of your new data share that will help your members fully leverage the platform to their advantage.

Setting up RPR View is simple: choose which listing statuses you want to display and with whom, and let RPR take care of the rest.

Display Your Active Listings

As an MLS, you can help your Brokers expand the reach of their listings to REALTORS® throughout the nation, simply by displaying your active listings on RPR.

What’s different about displaying your actives on RPR? You may already know that RPR is a REALTOR®-only data platform, a non-syndicated site offered exclusively to 1.4 million REALTORS®. By allowing REALTORS® across the country to view your active listings, Brokers gain access to a vast referral network, and agents are able to work together to meet the needs of consumers.

In fact, displaying active listings is our most-asked-for service from REALTORS®. Here’s why:

4 Reasons Why Displaying Your Active Listings is a Good Idea

  • Listings in your market gain nationwide exposure to REALTORS®.

  • Visibility feeds business-building referral pipelines.

  • Agents actively working in a particular market are easily identified.

  • RPR does not share confidential information, such as compensation.

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