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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Spot-on CMAs

[…] price a property. And in today’s shifting housing market, that ability is proving to be trickier than ever. That’s where knowing how to put together a solid CMA comes in… A CMA (comparative market analysis) is a process agents use to establish home values and set listing prices. You create CMAs by looking at […]

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What is the Seller’s Report?

[…] statistics, recommended pricing strategy, seller’s proceeds worksheet, and recent market activity within the subject property zip code. Available on the website and RPR Mobile™ app. Display your CMA (Comp Analysis) result, along with your chosen comps property details and photos in a side by side comparison. Learn how to create a CMA. Choose to […]

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Accurate Property Pricing With RPR

[…] made to the property and its condition. Here, RPR shares five tools that will help an agent refine the value of a property, use the platform’s flexible CMA tool, create a Sales Comparative Analysis and Valuation Workbook for harder-to-price properties, and run a real-time analysis for investment properties. 1 The Realtor Valuation Model® RPR’s […]

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What is RPR?

[…] What is the Seller’s Net Sheet? What are RVM® and AVM estimated values? RPR App: Seller’s Net Sheet How do I create a Sales Comparison Analysis ( CMA)? How do I create a CMA? How do I change the estimated value? (Refine Value tool) Click the buttons below to go directly to a topic […]

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How a CMA can Guide Buyers in a Tight Market

How a CMA can Guide Buyers in a Tight Market × How a CMA can Guide Buyers in a Tight Market Download Slides Close Watch Webinar Now We all know CMAs are an essential tool for working with sellers. But have you considered preparing one for your buyers? CMAs can be a great tool […]

3 Ways REALTORS® Are Using RPR To Gain Clients

[…] help her find clients and help her business grow: Look up a lead’s address Sharing reports so owners can gauge recent home value appreciations Generate and crosscheck CMAs Check on approximate property values Create mailing lists for farms Create customizable presentations for clients Identify property values in neighborhoods Share reports that can be used […]

Agent Uses RPR to Build Trust, Relationships and her CMAs

[…] attended a KW Ann Arbor Brokerage team meeting where she had nothing but good things to say about the value RPR provides to its users. Especially the CMA builder tools, which she uses almost exclusively to create her CMAs… and according to Darlene, “To build trust and relationships.” We definitely want to hear how […]

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How do I create a report?

Begin by searching from the Home page or Research tab. You can include a CMA or Refined Value on the Property Summary. Click CREATE REPORT on the Property Summary or on the search results page. We offer eight different residential reports and three commercial reports. You can include a CMA or Refined Value in […]

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Winning Over Sellers: Mastering CMAs and Equity Updates With the RPR app

[…] Resource®) Mobile™ app comes into its own. Readily available at your fingertips when you’re out meeting clients or previewing properties, it makes once complex tasks—like creating a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) or Estimating Equity—a breeze. Let’s see how these tools work and how easy they are to use… Creating CMAs with RPR Mobile™ A […]

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How to Create Video CMAs That Connect and Convert

[…] constantly on the lookout for user feedback that inspires and ignites creative ways to use the platform. And a real zinger just came across our inbox: video CMAs. Here’s an email we received from Blake Wallace, a REALTOR® and Broker/Owner of Wallace Realty Group, from Minneapolis, Minnesota: I’m a huge fan of RPR and […]

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RPR App: May 2024 Release

What’s New in RPR Mobile™? You can now quickly communicate with listing agents via text on the go! We have also improved the CMA and Buyer Tour workflows, fixed a few bugs, and refreshed data. Update the RPR Mobile™ app today! Go to RPR Website Release Notes RPR Mobile™ App CMA and Buyer Tour […]

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