RPR Association Dashboard

The RPR Dashboard serves as a portal into the metrics, statistics and reports Associations require.

Complete with RPR user metrics, data updates, communication content, training, as well as reports to complement housing statistics already provided by NAR, the RPR Dashboard is available to each REALTOR® Association across the country. With access granted to Association Executives, designated staff and volunteer leadership, the RPR Dashboard offers customized monthly reports, as well as market analytics derived from RPR’s business intelligence data cube.

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Using the RPR Dashboard to help educate homeowners on legislature that impacts them
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GNIAR partnered with RPR to bring efficiencies and value to their members.
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Single data source simplifies life and saves money for REALTOR®
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Pinellas Realtor® Organization launches RPR during their 100 year anniversary

Leveraging RPR’s Business Intelligence

The RPR Dashboard leverages data from over 160 million properties and creates easy-to-read charts, graphs and reports to show Associations how  members are using RPR, and when data was last updated. The Dashboard also provides Associations with the data they need to answer questions from members, boards, politicians and even local news outlets. [More…]

News, Training & Communication Updates

The Dashboard is your go-to for training, outreach and RPR’s latest and greatest news. Here associations can quickly access fresh content for e-newsletters and print magazines, find out which upcoming workshops members might want to know about, or learn what new tools RPR has to offer. You can even connect with your RPR market manager for further support.

Economic Area Reports

Regardless of whether an Association has access to market data, all Associations have access to a key feature of the Dashboard: the Federal and Local Economic Area Reports. These reports can be used by Association staff as well as REALTOR® volunteers, such as NAR’s Federal Political Coordinators (FPC’s), or local association officers. Customizable with your Association logo, these reports offer a window into demographics and consumer behavior in an area. These reports will complement housing statistics, which are already provided by NAR.

Leveraging the foundation of RPR’s Commercial application, these reports focus on the consumer tapestry data, demographic and lifestyle information, as well as economic trending. The Reports can be generated by congressional district boundaries, or for an entire state, and are great to use for in-district meetings with your congressperson or U.S. Senator. In future RPR releases, the Reports functionality will expand so they can be generated for state legislative districts, a county, city, ZIP or even a customized area.

Disclaimer: In many cases political or legislative activities by associations using RPR data may require the association to register or report as a lobbyist or a political committee. Before undertaking any such activities, consult with your association’s legal counsel to determine whether there are any such requirements and ensure you comply with any campaign finance or lobbying regulations that may apply.