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For MLSs: What are Deep Links?

[…] they will be prompted to do so (unless SSO is configured), and will then be taken to the requested page. Deep Links can be used in both Commercial and Residential mode, with branding and with Single Sign-On (SSO). Tip: Because Deep Linking requires an RPR account, any use is governed by the RPR Terms […]

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What is RPR?

[…] additional cost). Go to or to your app store to download the RPR Mobile® app –  get tools, data, and reports to manage your residential or commercial business! Learn More -----> What is the Seller’s Net Sheet? What are RVM® and AVM estimated values? RPR App: Seller’s Net Sheet How do I create […]

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Exceptions and Known Issues

[…] the original PDF (in the program where it was created) and then uploading the new version in RPR. We expect to resolve this issue in early 2024. Commercial Site Selection – When selecting Attributes and hovering your cursor over the information question marks (?), some Attribute descriptions are cut off. Exceptions to the rule […]

Commercial: What is the Commercial Site Selection tool?

Our Commercial Site Selection tool allows you to find the best area to locate a business, by examining demographic information such as population, income, behavior, spending, employment, and more. Begin by clicking the Research tab from any page of the website, then select Commercial Site Selection from the menu. Step-by-Step Instructions FAQs Search for […]

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Commercial: What is the Trade Area Analysis report?

The Trade Area Analysis report is a way to display the results of your completed Commercial Site Selection analysis. Begin by creating an analysis using our Commercial Site Selection tool, where you will examine demographic and socioeconomic data to find the best trade area to locate a business. Click the Research tab from any […]

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What is the Reports tab?

[…] data for nearby schools and showcases properties that are for sale within the school district or a distance specified by you.  To learn more, see this article. Commercial Reports Clicking Commercial Reports hides all of the commercial report titles from your view in this menu.  Clicking it again shows the commercial report titles in […]

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Commercial: Financial Details

[…] risk measures, and contextual information to enable you to gain a broad market perspective as well as property-level insight. The Financial Details section is shown for any commercial property when data is available. Available on the website and RPR Mobile™ app. Need help understanding the scores and values? Click the buttons below to see […]

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How do I run a Map Search?

[…] see how each property status is identified on the map. Traffic Counts Click Drive from the map tools menu to see area traffic counts. Demographics Toggle to Commercial mode, then click Data Layers from the map tools menu. Map Tools Click the plus signs to learn more. Use a Saved Area Click the arrow […]

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How do I create a report?

[…] Refined Value on the Property Summary. Click CREATE REPORT on the Property Summary or on the search results page. We offer eight different residential reports and three commercial reports. You can include a CMA or Refined Value in the Seller’s Report, Property Report (residential), or Mini Property Report (CMA only). A Sales Comparison Analysis […]

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RPR app: How do I create a report?

[…] payment with our  Mortgage Calculator in the RPR Mobile™ app. Create a one-page report to share with your buyers. Learn how to create an Estimated Mortgage Report. Commercial Property Report The Commercial Property Report is a comprehensive look at a specific commercial property. It includes detailed property information, tenant data, traffic counts, listing information […]

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