RPR app: Map Options

Map options in the RPR Mobile™ app are located in the bottom right of the Map.

  • Create and search within a custom area.

  • See your search results in a list.

  • Search within a radius.

  • Change the map view.

  • Turn parcel boundaries on or off.

  • See map pins for all properties in the area.

  • See school and traffic data.

  • View the map legend, and more!

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List View

Tap List View to see your search results in a list that includes a preview of each property with property photos, status, price, address, and basic facts.


  • Tap Draw  – the word Drawing will show at the top of the map to indicate you are in Draw mode.

  • Touch the screen and draw a shape. Be sure to close your shape.

  • The drawn area will display its boundaries in purple, and the map pins will populate within the shape.

+ More (Menu)

Tap + More to open a menu that includes:

  • Distance

  • Map View

  • Traffic

  • Parcels

  • Schools

  • All Properties

  • Legend


Tap + More

Select Distance from the menu. The first screen shows how to use the distance feature. Give it a quick read, and tap the Close button when ready.

Next, tap and drag the map pin to where you want it, then use the slider at the bottom of the page to set the distance. Tap the Apply button.