Building Trust and Engagement Through Facebook

Facebook has changed the way we interact with our sphere of influence. Now staying in contact is fast, easy and free. Today’s REALTORS® are engaging friends, family and acquaintances with real-time micro conversations, while simultaneously building a network that agents from just a decade ago wouldn’t have dreamed possible.

10 “Power User” Features of the RPR app

The RPR app and busy REALTORS® have much in common. Mainly, they are each constantly in motion. We know that to keep up with an agent’s need for quick access to property and market trend data, the app must continually build in new features and related usefulness. Fast forward, here are the top 10 features of the RPR app power users should know about...

RPR New User Series: Tools of the Trade for Everyday REALTORS®

RPR offers a set of real-estate related tools unlike any other data and reporting platform. Here we'll cover the unique aspects and benefits of each, including how to refine the value of a property and create compelling comp analyses.

New User Series: Build and Brand Your Business With RPR® Reports

RPR reports can be created, saved, and then texted, emailed or printed from your iOS or Android device, i.e., desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet … anytime, anywhere. Here’s how to apply each report to every aspect of your business, including a simple "how-to" section.

RPR New User Series: Make it Happen With RPR Mobile™

The advantages of RPR Mobile™ are plenty. Here's how to use the app to instantly respond to leads and inquiries, boost listing presentations, solidify farming strategies, and connect with FSBOs.

It’s easy to become a listing presentation pro with RPR

It all started with a $30,000 dollar difference in list price expectations. Yet, this Realtor's higher valuation prevailed based on data she pulled from RPR.

RPR Covers Every Angle of Buyer-Realtor® Relationship

Know the market, anticipate objections, find a match, close the deal. Sounds simple, right? Learn how this REALTOR® incorporates RPR into his buyer strategy.

New User Series: Sizing up RPR’s Property Details Page

RPR’s Property Details page assembles a cross section of data unlike any other singular real estate platform. There’s a lot to it … and nothing like it.

RPR New User Series: Mapping Your Property’s Story

It's easy to draw or designate your map in ways that suit every type of interest or need.
School Search & Report Masthead

Select and Sort Your Way to RPR’s Enhanced School Search and Reports

RPR's newest release to its school searching and reporting features offer REALTORS® increased opportunities to find the best fit for their clients.

What's behind this agency's successful farming strategy? Relationship building

"Belly-to-belly" are some of the wisest words ever spoken about real estate marketing to this New York broker who says one of her most successful strategies for earning new business is farming neighborhoods.

5 Real Estate Shortfalls and how to Avoid Them

By avoiding shortfalls, such as an unimpressive pricing presentation or inadequate marketing strategy, agents significantly increase their chances of kicking that ball across the goal line.