REALTOR® Site Selection is the key That Unlocks Local Economic Development Efforts

RPR’s (Realtors Property Resource®) Site Selection is an essential part of a commercial practitioner’s toolkit. It’s an advanced, data-driven tool that simplifies site selection by analyzing comprehensive demographics, economic factors and behavioral patterns.

Site Selection helps commercial agents and business owners and investors answer the question: “Where are the right people for a business?”

Finding Business Locations with RPR

A commercial Site Selection analysis starts with a large geography such as a city or county, and from there can be drilled down to identify where optimal conditions exist in smaller geographies, such as zip codes or neighborhoods. From there, even further refinement by applying specific attributes from a broad data of categories such as economic, demographic, spending and more. This process helps ensure that the core drivers of a client’s business reside in the area, and have the spending power to sustain it.

Traditionally, REALTORS® have utilized the RPR Site Selection tool to access extensive information about population characteristics, household incomes and consumer behavior. With this tool, practitioners can identify optimum real estate locations matched to specific client needs. Market trends and prospective investment opportunities can be discerned easily thanks to this valuable tool. Its unique capabilities make it an essential resource for commercial pros seeking instant access to critical information.

However, local community leaders are now working with REALTORS® to use it to help build their communities and drive local economic development…

Reshaping Local Economic Development With Site Selection

Data from RPR’s Site Selection isn’t just about helping businesses find the ideal location. It’s also great for local leaders such as mayors or city council members. The information it gathers helps these leaders make better economic development decisions about how they can improve their towns and what kinds of businesses would be best to attract.

Think about it: What if we could find the perfect spot for a farmers’ market where locals get the healthiest, freshest options and farmers have the opportunity to sell the fruits of their labor? Or predict what kind of shop would succeed on Main Street and at the same time, fill a need for the community? RPR’s Site Selection and Trade Area data can help with that, shining light on areas such as jobs, income levels, interests and spending habits in any given area.

This data and insight could go even further and be applied from a different angle to help solve tricky planning problems, such as where to break ground on new buildings or how public transportation might affect development.

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REALTORS® share data and insight to help their communities

REALTORS® play a crucial role because they’re the ones with access to critical market metrics and data points. Local government officials and community leaders are encouraged to work with a REALTOR® to gain access to findings from RPR’s Site Selection tool to help in their planning, proposals and roundtable discussions concerning community economic development

Combining this tool with the knowledge and experience of REALTORS® makes a powerful team in city planning efforts. When REALTORS®® share insights with city officials, it means better strategies for growth that really fit what each community needs the most.

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  1. casas en venta en mérida August 4, 2023 at 10:30 am - Reply

    The use of RPR’s Site Selection tool as described in the blog really resonated with me. I think it showcases the immense value and potential of data analytics in the real estate industry and beyond.

    It’s encouraging to see how this tool is not just being used for traditional commercial real estate practices but also for driving community development and local economic growth. The collaboration between REALTORS® and local leaders is a testament to the importance of shared knowledge and resources in making informed decisions that can truly benefit a community.

    It’s thought-provoking to imagine how leveraging this data can assist in identifying the right locations for different types of businesses – from farmer’s markets to main street shops – based on the specific characteristics and needs of a community. The potential to help solve planning problems, like identifying new building locations and understanding the impact of public transportation, is also particularly exciting.

    The role REALTORS® play in sharing this data and their market insights with local leaders is a compelling example of the intersection between real estate and community development. It’s a clear demonstration of how industry professionals can extend their influence beyond transactions to contribute to the development and growth of the communities they serve.

  2. Luz Elena Arcila October 13, 2023 at 8:46 am - Reply

    Thank you

  3. marketing para medicos November 3, 2023 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    RPR’s Site Selection tool is a powerful tool that can be used to drive local economic development. It can be used to attract new businesses, support existing businesses, improve infrastructure, and revitalize neighborhoods. I believe that this tool is a valuable resource for local communities and has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of people.

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