How do I create a Sales Comparison Analysis (CMA)?

The Sales Comparison Analysis (CMA) is an advanced, detailed analysis similar to what an appraiser would create. This CMA allows you to make precise value adjustments and weight your comps. Our 5-step process takes you through each step where you will confirm the property facts, find comps, make adjustments, review your result, and create a Valuation Workbook.

We offer two CMAs, this article is about our Sales Comparison Analysis that is an appraisal style CMA that allows for greater adjustments and the ability to weight your comps. For information about our standard workflow CMA with simple adjustment options, see How do I create a CMA?

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Appraisers must follow standardized “condition” and “quality” ratings within their appraisal report. The quality ratings are as follows:

Quality Ratings

Q1: Dwellings with this quality rating are usually unique structures that are individually designed by an architect for a specified use. Such residences typically are constructed from detailed architectural plans and specifications and feature an exceptionally high level of workmanship and exceptionally high-grade materials throughout the interior and exterior of the structure. The design features exceptionally high-quality exterior refinements and ornamentation, and exceptionally high-quality interior refinements. The workmanship, materials, and finishes throughout the dwelling are exceptionally high quality.

Q2: Dwellings with this quality rating are often custom designed for construction on an individual property owner’s site. However, dwellings in this quality grade are also found i high-quality tract developments featuring residences constructed from individual plans or from highly modified or upgr