Can I add my own photos to my report?

This article explains how to add your own photos to appear at the end of a report. If you want to change the cover photo on a report, see Can I change the photo on the report cover?

Locate the MY UPDATES section on the Property Summary, then click Photos and upload a photo from your files. Finally, select the Save button.

The maximum allowed photo size is 10MB in a PNG or JPG format.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click on the tabs below to see step-by-step instructions.

Step 1


Enter an address on the Home page or click the Research tab and select Property Search.

Locate MY UPDATES Section

On the Property Summary, locate the MY UPDATES section in the right panel, select the Photos tab, then click the Add Photos button.

Choose Photo

Choose a photo from your computer files and select the Open button.

Step 2

Add More Photos

After you have uploaded your first photo, click the plus sign to add additional photos.


Edit or Expand Window

Click the edit icon to delete a photo (click red x), then select the Save button.  Click the arrows to expand the page to view all uploaded photos.

Use for Report Cover

If you would like to use one of your uploaded photos on your report cover page, select Use for Report Cover, then click the Save button.

Step 3

Run Report

Click CREATE REPORT, located at the top of the Property Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can upload additional photos by clicking the plus sign.  The photos that you upload will show at the end of your report.

After uploading a photo on the Property Summary, select Use for Report Covers, then click the Save button.

We are sorry, but you cannot reorder your photos.   They will appear in your report in the order that you uploaded them to the Property Summary.

Need Help?

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