How do I interpret the property statuses?

Property Statuses in RPR are indicated by shape and color. Circles represent on-market properties and squares represent off-market properties. Listings are shown in blue (For Sale, Pending, Recently Closed). Off-market properties (Closed) are shown in gray. Distressed properties are shown in red.

Circles = On-Market / Squares = Off Market

  • For Sale = Blue
  • Pending (For Sale) = Blue with black border
  • Recently Closed = Blue
  • For Lease = Yellow
  • Pending (For Lease) = Yellow with black border
  • Recently Leased = Yellow
  • For Sale/For Lease = Blue and Yellow
  • Distressed = Red
  • Closed/Withdrawn/Expired/Cancelled = Gray

Search Results: On-market Listings

Showing examples of on-market listings (For Sale and For Lease).

Search Results: Off-market Listings

Showing examples of off-market listings, although these should display as Recently Closed instead of Closed. This is scheduled to be repaired in early March.

Property Summary: Off-market Distressed

Showing example of a closed (off-market) distressed property.

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