For MLS and Associations: What is the MLS or Assoc. Dashboard?

The MLS and Association Dashboards allow MLS and Association staff to gain insight into how their members are using RPR.

What is on the Dashboard?

Click the links below. 

On the Summary tab you can review information from RPR relevant to your market and your membership, such as market data and training opportunities. Navigate to the other tabs to see more detail about each component.

On the User Stats tab you can see detailed data showing how the membership of your MLS is using RPR, including how many members are visiting the site, how frequently they visit, and what features and reports they use when they access RPR.

The Data Feeds/Sharing tab displays of the current status of estimated property values, public records, listings and photos, and other data types shown on RPR. The data on RPR originate from data partners and are subject to different update schedules and frequencies.

The News and Training tab displays the latest news from around your region, in-person and remote training opportunities to enhance your members’ RPR skills, plus information about recent additions and improvements to the RPR website.

The Econ Area Reports tab offers Federal and Local Economic Area reports that dive into demographics and consumer behavior in an area. They can be generated using congressional district boundaries, or for a county, city, ZIP, or customized area.