For Associations: What are the Economic Area Reports?

The Federal Economic Area Report and Local Economic Area Report support NAR member outreach in government affairs and economic development. Economic Area Reports are a powerful and attractive presentation of economic and consumer data. These reports are available to Association staff such as Governmental Affairs Directors (GADs) and NAR members who serve as Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs).

The Federal Economic Area Report provides Federal legislators with insights into the economics and demographics of their congressional district or state. The Local Economic Area Report, which can be generated for a local geography like a ZIP code, city or census block group, a custom area or a state legislative district, provides local and county officials insights into the demographics and trends in their local area and supports county and regional economic analysis for planning and growth. The reports focus on consumer metrics, economics trends and demographic change.

Report contents include:

  • Economic trends and forecasts

  • Econometric data, consumer behaviors and business segment analysis

  • Consumer spending and demographic data

  • Population trends

  • Home valuation trends