Release Notes: November 2021

We are continuously looking for ways to improve your RPR experience. This release brings enhancements that will help you work more efficiently and quickly find the information you need. Read on for the details.

Highlights of this release:

  • Navigation improved

  • Information easier to find

  • Data upates

  • Bug fixes

Navigation Improved

We have listened to REALTOR® feedback and have made some modifications that make navigating the site more efficient, saving you time.

Simple Search Bar

We have added a simple search bar to the Property Summary. Search for residential and commercial properties by clicking Change Address, then enter an address or Listing ID in the search bar.


Return to a property 

Navigate between a property and its Neighborhood pages with ease. Click the new Property tab to return to the property you were recently viewing.

Return to search results

Effortlessly return to your search results with our new breadcrumb navigation that is accessible as you scroll. When researching properties, quickly return to your search results without having to scroll up or use the Back to Top button.

Create a report

For better visibility, we changed the CREATE REPORT link to a button, on the Property and Neighborhood pages.

Information easier to find

Upgrades have been made to make it easier to quickly find the information that you need.

My Markets

Improvements have been made to the My Markets feature that makes keeping up with the changes in your market areas simple. Learn more about the My Markets feature.

  • Select a status from the left panel (default is For Sale). Map pins representing properties in the selected status will populate the map.

  • Click on a map pin to see quick facts about the property. Click the View Full Details button to open the Property Summary.

  • Or click within the area boundaries to search, create a report, or save the area to your Saved Searches.

RVM Details

Access to the RVM®/AVM Details page is now more obvious. We added a button under the RVM®/AVM estimated value that is displayed on the Property Summary. A sampling of comparison properties used to generate a subject property’s estimated value (AVM or RVM®) is displayed on the the RVM®/AVM Details page.

Info Bubbles

New info bubbles have been added to the Property Summary. Hover your cursor over any of the information bubbles displayed throughout the site to see details about the feature.

Text easier to read

We changed the light gray text on the Property Summary to black to make this information more visible and easier to read. 

Before ReleaseAfter Release

Data Updates

Click each link to see our latest data updates

We have updated the residential, neighborhood, and ZIP Code boundaries used on maps and in searches. This data is provided by Precisely and is updated quarterly.

This quarterly refresh of school data, provided by Niche, updates 125,000 schools with 182,000 school ratings and 179,000 reviews.  

We have also updated our school district boundaries, provided quarterly by Precisely. Key areas refreshed are California (Pomona, Los Angeles County),  Florida (Pasco County), Texas (Aldine District, Harris County), and Utah (Salt Lake County).

The remodeling data, that powers our Refine Value tool, has been updated with this release. This data is provided by Zonda (formerly known as Hanley Wood) and is updated annually. 

The annual update of our traffic data, provided by Kalibrate, is included in this release.

This release updates tenant data for commercial properties to the latest information from SMR Research. This data, covering more than 10 million tenants, is updated quarterly. 

If you would like to learn more about RPR, please see our Learning Resources where you will find video tutorials, marketing strategies,  step-by-step knowledge base articles, and printable guides.

RPR version 2.9 was released on November 30, 2021.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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