Where does RPR get data?

RPR collects and processes data from a broad range of sources to power our property and neighborhood pages, estimates, charts, tools, and reports. See the chart below to see the data source and frequency of its updates.

Data  Frequency Source
Listing Data Constant MLS, CIE, and Commercial partners
Public Record Data Constant ICE (Intercontinental Exchange – formerly Black Knight)
Distressed Data  Constant  Listing and public record data
RVM® Estimated Values Twice a Month  On-market and off-market MLS listing data, plus publicly recorded sold data
AVM Estimated Values Twice a  Month Publicly recorded sold data
Residential, Neighborhood, and ZIP Code Boundaries

Used on maps and in searches

Quarterly Precisely
School Data

School ratings and community reviews

Quarterly Niche
School Boundaries Quarterly Precisely
Remodeling Data 

Powers our Refined Value tool

Annually Zonda (formerly Hanley Wood)
Data Layers

Heatmap overlays that showcase real estate trends and other data points

Quarterly to Annually  Public record and/or MLS data
Flood Zones Annually Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Demographic Data

Demographic, spending, and other data supporting the Commercial Site Selection tool, Trade Area Report, and federal and local Economic Area Reports

Annually Esri
Demographic Data

Demographic data that appears on our Neighborhood pages

Varies U.S. Census and Esri
Tenant Data Quarterly SMR Research
Traffic Data Annually Kalibrate
Points of Interest (POIs) Annually Precisely
Charts Monthly Listing and public records data, along with the U.S. Census
Walkability Scores Quarterly Precisely
U.S. Congressional, State Senate, and Legislative Districts Annually U.S. Census, Federal and State Govt.
AARP Livability™ Index Annually AARP
Google Street and Overhead View Constant Google

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