RPR App: January 2024 Release

Getting around has never been easier with our new navigation bar!  Start searching as soon as you sign in, see area listing counts, gain insight into market trends, create-view-share reports, and more – all accessible from the new navigation bar on the RPR app landing page!

Additional improvements to our Search page make searching for open houses, distressed properties, and by owner name or APN/Tax ID a breeze. Read on to learn all the details!

RPR Mobile® App

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Tapping Search in the Navigation Bar opens the redesigned Search page.

  • Search is the first page you see when you sign in to RPR.

  • List View and Sort have moved to the lower right of the map.

  • Draw is now accessible directly on the map.

+ More is the new name for what was previously called Map Actions.

Tapping into the search bar brings up a menu that allows you to switch between Residential or Commercial modes, select from your Recent Searches, or search for properties by owner name, upcoming open houses, or in distressed status.

  • Residential/Commercial

  • Recent Searches

  • Specialty Searches

    • Owner Name
    • Open House
    • Distressed

Typing within the search bar activates auto-suggest, allows searching by Listing ID or APN/Tax ID, and offers the Residential/Commercial mode options.

  • Residential/Commercial

  • Auto Suggest

  • Listing ID or APN/Tax ID Search

Up to 500 map pins will be displayed in your search results. A significant increase that shows you the big picture! Pinch and spread out and in – to zoom in or out.

  • Map pins will be smaller if there over 75 results.

  • The initial search searches the visible map area.

  • The default zoom level is determined by your choice in “set nearby to” shown in Menu > User Settings.