What is the Seller’s Report?

The Seller’s Report is an ideal listing presentation. It contains detailed property information for a specific property, including an estimated value, local market statistics, recommended pricing strategy, seller’s proceeds worksheet, and recent market activity within the subject property zip code.

  • Display your CMA (Comp Analysis) result, along with your chosen comps property details and photos in a side by side comparison. Learn how to create a CMA.

  • Choose to display our RVM®/AVM or suppress it. Click the plus sign next to the report name, on the Report page. Learn about RVM®/AVMs. 

  • Show a new value you created using our Refined Value tool (based on home improvements, needed improvements, or market and home conditions). Learn how to refine the value. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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On the Property Summary, scroll down to the Property Notes section and click the Upload Photos button, then Browse for Photos.  Select the photo you want to upload. Once the photo is uploaded and showing in the Property Notes section, select Use for report covers, then click the Save button.                  

The Seller’s Report contains recent Market Activity within the subject property’s zip code. Property characteristics of the subject property are not taken into account in selecting properties. You have the choice to include active listings, pending sales, recently closed, distressed (preforeclosure/foreclosure), and expired listings in your Seller’s Report.

To choose what Market Activity to include in your Seller’s Report, click the plus sign next to the report name.

Scroll down to the Market Activity items in the content list.  Take the checkmarks out of the Market Activity items you would like to omit from the report.  Put a checkmark next to the items you would like to include.

On the Report page, make sure the address or area is showing at the top of the page, then select which report you would like to create. Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Email to. Enter the email address or multiple email addresses (separated by commas) in the field provided, then click the Run Report button.

See who you sent a report to and when they last opened the report on the report generation page. Go to the My Reports section, then select View Report Activity from the Report Options drop-down. 

Click the Reports tab and select any report title to be taken to the Reports page, locate the report you would like to delete under My Reports. Under the report, click the arrow in the menu box, then select Delete Report.

Click the plus sign to the right of the report name to choose the content you would like in your report. Scroll down to the bottom of the content list and put a checkmark in the box next to Suppress estimated value for subject property.