REALTOR® Creates RPR Reports to Help Sellers and Relocating Buyers

We’re always on the lookout for helpful RPR user success stories. Our latest Q&A comes from Wendy Kaprelian, a REALTOR® from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wendy sent us this email:

I always use RPR!

I use it for market analysis with both buyers and sellers. This shows a range value that is very helpful for sellers and buyers. The statistics are very helpful for them.

I also use it as a tool when a client is relocating to an area. I work with a lot of corporate relocation. I also like the reports feature to use as a share tool on my social media.


We wanted to hear more about how Wendy utilizes RPR reports for all her clients…

Q How long have you been a REALTOR® and what area do you specialize in?

I’ve been a REALTOR® for 15 years, and my area of expertise is residential, although I do a few commercial deals here and there.

Q How do you use RPR in your business?

Oh, I use it so much. Anytime I go on a listing appointment I bring my RPR market analysis and reports with me. One of the features I really like is specific community statistics and information. I can bring up the demographics, school ratings, average age, I love that. Corporate relocation is a big thing I do and out of the area buyers always need info on schools! They really appreciate that community info. Once a week I post RPR reports on my Facebook page and I always make sure to include all the school info.

Q You mentioned using RPR for market analysis, tell me more about that.

I create a market analysis using RPR because I can provide a range value. I go out on listing appointments, and clients are shocked to see the value of their house from three years ago. So I make sure I fall right into the range value, and then I back it up with CMA.

I use the Seller’s Report with sellers, and with buyers I use the Property Report. The Seller Report is nice because if I’m competing against another agent, I can figure out what the clients owe on their mortgage. Then I show up with a net sheet, and the people are shocked because you show them the numbers, and you essentially have their mortgage information. You present those stats and it makes them feel better about you as an agent. Most of the time they’re really impressed and sort of shocked. It often puts me over the top versus another agent.

Q How are you handling the current market?

There’s a lack of inventory in my market, it’s definitely still a seller’s market. It doesn’t appear to be cooling off yet. The RPR reports really help with that. Having all this data and charts and history, it helps justify the pricing, to both buyers and sellers.

Overall, RPR helps agents make better presentations, especially to sellers. I do a Property Report in RPR, then I go to my MLS and do a CMA, and then I combine them. I deliver both in my listing presentation packet, which I bind together to make it really look sharp.

Q You also mentioned using RPR as a tool to help relocating buyers. How so?

Well, when someone is coming into an area blind, they need guidance. They know almost nothing about the schools, the traffic, the population, all that stuff. I can pull all that info in RPR for a property or municipality and it gives them everything. The best part is, it’s not just me, it’s in print and it’s backed up by data and studies and research. It comes from a reputable source and that really puts a relocation buyer’s mind at ease.

QWhat are some of your favorite, “go-to” features of RPR?

I like that you can instantly see who owns a property. I also like the “My Listings” area on the homepage. When I list a property, it gets pinned into the “My Listings” area and it’s so easy to access.

Q Any stories about how you’ve used RPR to “wow” a client?

I do! I was at a listing appointment in an area where I had sold a property down the street. The couple asked me about another property in the area, saying “Do you know about such and such address?” So I pulled out my phone and popped the address into RPR, and pulled up the info just like that. They were kind of blown away by that. So then they asked “Can you check to see if the owner of this place we’re looking to rent is the actual owner? It feels like a scam. Could you look that up with that fancy thing on your phone?” (Wendy laughs). RPR puts a lot of property power in my hands!

Indeed! Great story Wendy, and thanks for sharing your tips on RPR reports for market analysis and relocation.

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