RPR app: February 2023 Release

This release brings many updates, including map auto-search, new search bar locations, Property Details Map Actions, real-time traffic, bug fixes, and more. Read on to learn the details!

RPR Mobile® App

New Search Bar

The search results screen has a fresh look that includes a new search bar! As a result, you can begin a new search from your search results screen without returning to the Home or Search screen.

In addition, the Map Legend, Filters, and Sort have moved to the top of the screen for easier accessibility.

A new search bar has also been added to the search results screen of a CMA or Buyer Tour that allows searching by neighborhood, ZIP code, or city.

Map Auto-Search

We have added auto-search to the map in RPR Mobile™. Move to a new area of the map, and the app will automatically search and return results within the visible map area.

Auto-search also works while panning the map after applying map data layers. Tap the Map Actions button to populate Traffic, All Properties, or Schools map pins.

If a polygon is in place, click “Remove Boundary” before moving to a new area.

Search Bar > Auto-Suggest

The search bar auto-suggest has been updated to group the results into categories like ZIPs, Places, Schools, Addresses, etc.

Map Actions > All Properties

We’ve added a new option to the Map Actions menu called “All Properties.” When selected, map pins will populate for all the properties within the area. Tap the Map Actions button, choose the All Properties option, then zoom in on the map to see the map pins populate. Each pin will display a price or estimated value. Learn more details about Map Actions.

Tap a map pin to see a property’s basic facts, then tap again to open its Property Details screen.

Map Actions > Real-time Traffic

Another new addition to our Map Actions menu is real-time traffic. See the current amount of traffic within an area and check for delays. Tap the Map Actions button, choose the Traffic option, then select Real-Time.

  • Green = No traffic delays.

  • Orange = Medium amount of traffic.

  • Red = Traffic delays. The darker the red, the slower the speed of traffic.

Property Details > New Map Actions 

A modified Map Actions menu has been added to the map on the Property Details screen. The menu options are Map View, Traffic, Parcels, Schools, and All Properties.

  • Map View: Choose between Road, Satellite, or Hybrid views.

  • Traffic: Select Counts to see traffic counts or Real-Time to see the current traffic status.

  • Parcels: Tap Parcels to show property boundaries for each parcel.

  • Schools: See where local schools are located in proximity to the subject property.

  • All Properties: Select All Properties to show map pins for all the properties in the area.

Property Details Continued

Financing Information

A Financing Information section has been added to the Property Details screen below the Property Facts section.

HOA Fees and More

Additional basic facts have been added to the top of the Property Details screen, including HOA fees.

Prior Listings

Listing IDs can be selected in the Prior Sales Transaction section to see photos and details of a previous listing.