Applying RPR Learning to Today’s Revamped Market

Back in March, RPR began to offer even more blog articles, videos, webinars, tips and how-to’s than ever before. The idea was that although REALTORS® couldn’t be in the field and working, they could at least be at home working on their business.

And it worked! We know that plenty of agents took advantage of the time to learn new skills, explore helpful features and up their RPR game. Here’s one story of a REALTOR® who did exactly that, and how it’s now paying off…

RPR: a “Go-to” Tool for Successful REALTORS®

Claudia Miceli is a REALTOR® from La Mesa, California. As part of the Falduto Group, under the Keller Williams Realty brand, Claudia and her husband are a residential team. When the crisis hit, they, like everyone else, had many questions and many fears about their business and the future. However, they eventually decided to invest in themselves, use the time wisely and learn something new every day.

Claudia says, “When COVID hit, I decided to make the best of it. I just dove right into RPR. The downtime gave me the perfect chance to watch tutorials and attend live training classes. I committed to taking at least a class per week with RPR. Sometimes I even took the same class twice!”

Focusing on learning new skills and becoming better acquainted with RPR has helped Claudia remain productive. In her area, the market is strong and it’s keeping her busy. Now she’s applying her new knowledge and using RPR to wow her clients and close more deals.

“I got so much info and learned so many tips. It’s such a great resource. To me, RPR is clean-looking and easy to use. There’s lots of tools out there, but for me, RPR is my “go-to.”

RPR Webinars and Quick “How-to’s” Provide an Educational Edge

What exactly did Claudia do to get up to speed and more proficient on RPR? She says, “I watched RPR video tutorials and attended webinars. And I really enjoyed the Facebook live Quick Tips class. I would get the notification and then watch the videos on the go, it was great. I used the time to my advantage. I really liked the 5-minute format, and the tip of the day was really helpful.” These tutorial webinars and the tip of the day vids are still available for you to access and learn from—just click the links above.

RPR provides its users with all types of learning opportunities, from live classes to self-paced on-demand webinars, as well as monthly blog articles and Printable Guides.

Use RPR to Market Yourself and Your Business

In addition to transactional skills, Claudia also learned some tips on marketing herself. “I really like to share the Market Activity Report to potential clients and prospects. Then I follow up and simply ask: ‘Do you want to know the value of your home? Give me a call.’ The Market Activity Report and the Mini Property Report both make me look very professional and I can create them so quickly. I combine my reports with my listing presentations and it’s really impressive to my clients.”

This strategy of using the Market Activity Reports and then following up with a home valuation through RPR’s RVM™ (Realtor Valuation Model) are proving to be very successful in today’s rebounding market. Claudia says, “I used that type of messaging during the pandemic and it generated a few solid leads. It’s definitely paying off.”

School Data: A REALTOR® (and Mom’s) Favorite Feature

Even with all of the above working so well for her, what is Claudia’s favorite thing about RPR? “I love the school information. I’m a mom, so I really appreciate that. And so do my clients who are also moms. I send them a report and point out, ‘Look at these schools in this area. Here are some really good schools with great ratings.’ And you know, it’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to back it up with data. It makes it real—not just an opinion.”

RPR’s School Report can be created and delivered via email or text within a minute or so, from either the website or mobile app. Agents can search for schools within 5 miles of a location; by city/state, school, or district name; and even by type of school (elementary, middle or high school). It offers your clients a complete picture of a preferred school or district, including ratings and scores, and it includes up to 20 nearby properties for sale.

You don’t need a lockdown to take advantage of RPR education resources—they’re available all the time to users of all experience levels. As you can see, learning the ins and outs of RPR can help you make a huge impression on your clients and help you stay front and center during the transaction. This digital real estate tool and the data that comes with it are available to all REALTORS® at Get signed up and get started today!

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