Missouri REALTORS® CEO Uses RPR Economic Area Reports To “Wow” Business Leaders Overseas

John Sebree, the CEO of Missouri REALTORS®, recently attended trade meetings in Paris, France. Along with Michael Parson, the Governor of Missouri, they represented the state of Missouri and their over one hundred aeronautic and aerospace manufacturer businesses at the Paris Air Show. The first thing that John packed? Oui oui, RPR Economic Area Reports.

“The purpose of our trade mission was to meet with potential new businesses to entice them to Missouri. After Governor Parson made his opening remarks to this room full of Paris business leaders, they turned to me, and I had my RPR statistics right at my side.”

John goes on to explain that, “With the help of these statewide RPR Economic Area Reports, I was able to rattle off things that made me sound very smart. Making a solid first impression to this group goes a long way in swaying them to come to our state to produce their product or bring their business.”

Leveraging The Data Of RPR Federal Economic Area Reports

Tapping into the data and reports available through RPR is a wise move when it comes to pleading your case to influencers and potential business opportunities. Federal Economic Area Reports from RPR are a powerful and attractive presentation of economic and consumer data.

The Federal Economic Area Report (and Local Economic Area Reports) are available to Association staff such as Governmental Affairs Directors (GADs) and NAR members who serve as Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs). These reports provide details and insights into the economics and demographics of a congressional district or state.

They focus on consumer metrics, economic trends and forecasts, demographic changes, consumer spending habits, population trends, and home valuations. It’s basically a snapshot of how consumers, economics and housing are all tied together in a particular district or state.

“Being able to talk about demographics for the state as a whole, where the population is coming from, homes sales numbers, and the fact that were so affordable compared to other places really put us in a good light. When we can show and prove that the cost of living and housing is less in St. Louis compared to another midwest hub such as Chicago, that’s a huge win for us. The RPR Reports reveal that and package it all together. It’s wonderful.”

The RPR “Wow” Factor, Abroad And Stateside

It’s not just on trade missions around the world where John is able to apply RPR Economic Area Reports. His association also uses them to their advantage at home. “All of our advocacy staff use them for legislative reports for our meetings at the Capitol. They go over really well.”

John adds, “We also have a REALTOR® “key contact” for every member of the legislature and we supply reports to that REALTOR®. Then they share it with that official and they build that relationship. If that elected official sees them as the expert, they’re going to be more likely to call them when some crazy bill is coming down the pike. They’ll reach out to the REALTOR®, and ask them for their advice.”

“I would definitely say that we’ve “wowed” statewide elected officials with these RPR statistics. Because they are so comprehensive, and they have so much in one place versus trying to show twelve different reports that show all this data spread out. The RPR reports combine it all in one.”

John’s favorite thing about RPR Reports? Besides “wowing” local and state representatives and telling his state’s story at global trade sit downs? “The ability to brand the RPR Report with our own logo makes a huge difference. That report I presented with the Governor was an RPR report, but it had the Missouri REALTORS® logo on it, which is incredibly important to me.”

To learn how to create RPR Economic Area Reports, check out this Quick Start Guide.

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