On-Market Listings Gain Greater Exposure Through RPR

A recent study by RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) reveals a significant jump in the number of on-market listings visible by way of select MLSs or even to all REALTORS® nationwide.

The 8.3% increase is the result of MLS leaders committed to ensuring subscriber on-market listings are guaranteed the greatest exposure possible without any additional cost. A move that significantly contributes to referral pipelines and helps REALTORS® work together to meet consumer needs.

Displaying on-market listings to all REALTORS® within RPR requires no contracts, no fees, and no work on the part of the MLS. The data displayed is standard fare—sales, valuations, assessments, deeds, foreclosures, school stats, and market trends—but does not include confidential information.

San Francisco Association of REALTORS® MLS (SFARMLS) stands among hundreds of like-minded organizations that have chosen to create greater visibility for subscriber listings.

SFARMLS, led by CEO Walt Baczkowski along with MLS Director Jay Pepper-Martens, stands among hundreds of MLSs to select the “display on-market listings to all REALTORS®” option within the RPR platform, securing a national presence for listings for its 4,333 subscriber base.

“We are excited to continue to work closely with RPR on making sure REALTORS® across the country have access to all on-market listings,” says Jay. “It reflects our commitment to ensuring the largest, most fair, and open residential real estate market in the world is open to everyone.”

Jay Pepper-Martens, SFARMLS Director

Like many MLSs, SFARMLS recognizes the value of REALTOR®-to-REALTOR® referrals, which can account for a core portion of an agent’s revenue. According to a report from Referral Exchange, the number of agents earning between $20,000 and $50,000 in referral fees has increased by 20% in recent times.

IRES, LLC., a Loveland, Colorado based MLS with 4,000 members, also displays its on-market listings within RPR to all REALTORS®.

“The increased exposure of IRES active listings is in the best interest of REALTORS® throughout Colorado and our sellers,” said Keith Kanemoto, IRES chairman and past president of the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR).

Annette Fachko, MLS Director of Western New York Real Estate Information Services, says displaying on-market listings to all REALTORS® remains an important asset for her subscribers as well. The Buffalo-based organization sits a stone’s throw from neighboring Ontario.

“Our members have friends, family and customers across the country, so displaying on-market listings helps them serve those individuals plus earn referrals. They may have somebody who is interested in our area and vice versa,” says Annette.

“We must be a global business. We’re close to Canada, so it’s important for us to be out there and available,” she adds.

Contact your RPR Industry Relations Director to learn more about expanding the reach of your subscriber listings.

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