Successful REALTOR® Uses RPR to “Wow” Her Clients And Answer the “Why.”

As the business of real estate ramps up and takes off across the country, many REALTORS® are looking to stand out and get an edge. And RPR is just the ticket. With it, you can deliver data and market information to potential clients on a dime.

One RPR user recently reached out to us to explain how she’s leveraging this NAR member benefit to her advantage as she successfully tackles the uptick of the delayed spring market.

RPR: From “Wows” To “Why”

REALTOR® Simone Gonzalez, an agent with JP & Associates out of Austin, Texas, uses RPR as her “go-to” tool for every transaction. “I use RPR for every property I list. And honestly, my clients are ‘wowed’ by everything I share with them. The ability to refine data allows me to compare properties, and back up all of my valuations. Any agent not utilizing this tool is just making their job harder.”

One aspect of RPR that Simone finds particularly beneficial is what’s between the lines of all the property data available to her. She explains, “Anyone can present facts, figures and stats. But with RPR, I can tell the “why” story. I can point to “why” this neighborhood is trending up. I can explain “why” this piece of land is a good investment. I can back up and tell the client “why” their home is being listed at X price.”

When asked how RPR does this, Simone says, “RPR offers me so much data, through reports, graphs and maps, that I can give my customers a forecast, and offer proof that desirable things such as shopping, schools and amenities will improve in a certain area in the next few years. I can show them a bigger, more accurate picture of this huge investment they’re about to make. I call it ‘a bird’s eye view’ of the potential. I get all of that from RPR—I love it and so do my clients.”

Using RPR To “Wow” Clients and Close More Deals

What a smart way to apply RPR, Simone! However, how does that line of thinking translate into a real world transaction? “I have several clients that are investors who buy and hold, or flip. Last year I had one of these types of clients who had found a property in an area they were not familiar with. This place was priced to sell, so we needed to move fast. I was able to pull a property report in RPR and show a map of what the approximate value was of other homes nearby. I then walked my client through the report and we decided to make an offer that was over asking, that I believed would appraise, and it did.”

Simone continues, “I was able to look at comps in RPR and see what upgrades were done, when the homes were listed and how long they were on the market for. My client loved knowing that the neighborhood homes that had A, B and C sold faster than others. When it came time to decide if the property would be rented or sold, I put in all the upgrades (in the RPR Refine Value Tool) and again pulled comps to reveal that the home was worth more than expected. We listed the home and quickly received an over-asking offer, then it appraised and closed on time.”

“Being able to navigate different scenarios for my client and do it so quickly, gave my client the opportunity to see what options worked best for them. Getting to show my clients the “why” gives them confidence and security knowing I am not just providing a great experience and service, but that I’m also providing them with up-to-date data that helps close deals.”

RPR: the Button That Tells you Everything

It’s pretty clear that Simone Gonzalez is finding success by using RPR in every aspect of her business.

To wrap, we asked Simone about her favorite feature of RPR. And of course, she had plenty to say! “The best part of RPR is I can see the history, maps, values, run comps, have access to market analysis, and add value to homes that have been rehabbed.”

“It’s literally a button that will tell you EVERYTHING! It helps your business and your clients in every way imaginable. Information is power and you want to present the most solid thing for your clients. Present something that is more than just an opinion. I think RPR is amazing and if it wasn’t available with my NAR membership, I would gladly pay for it out of pocket.”

Thank you, Simone! And good luck out there in this reenergized housing market.

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