Demographic and consumer behavior reports help legislators protect homeownership rights

Scott Louser, Minot, North Dakota

REALTOR®, legislator and overall advocate for the protection of homeownership rights, Scott Louser has seen his fair share of change. For nearly two decades, Scott has served in leadership and government affairs roles for state and national REALTOR® organizations. He is certainly on his game. But what makes an interesting story about Scott, here, is that he’s from a state unlike any other.

The Challenge

Simply, North Dakota does have voter registration. Not knowing exactly who the voters are in a district in affects not only elections but can impact the debate of a bill. For example, when the legislature is debating a bill that affects homeownership, oftentimes they are doing so without truly knowing who the voters are. Do they own homes or are they renters? What is their economic status? What is their education level? Without knowing this, it can be harder for legislators to anticipate how a particular bill will affect their district.

The Outcome

Because Scott is not only a legislator, but a REALTOR® as well, he can leverage RPR’s data and reports to help him and his colleagues understand their district. Created for Associations and their volunteer staff, such as FPC’s, the RPR Dashboard reports offer a window into demographics and consumer behavior in an area. With the RPR Dashboard, Scott can create Federal and Local Economic Reports at a state, district or even more local level like city council, mayor or school district race. The data provided in these reports “is something that’s going to be valuable where politics hits home the most, all the way up to the congressional level,” says Scott.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Local Economic Reports is the REALTOR® branding that each report can be customized with. “We can take our member benefit and provide that to a legislator and do so with our REALTOR® brand and really reinforce that REALTOR® image with Congress and the State Legislature.” Through these reports, REALTORS® are reinforcing their relevance to the industry.

“We beat everyone else to the punch with these reports. You will not find this anywhere else.”


  • In the Real Estate industry for 20 years

  • 2012 Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs for the NAR

  • Representative, District 5, North Dakota House of Representatives

  • 2006 REALTOR® of the Year for North Dakota

“The RPR Legislative and Economic reports are something that we haven’t used before and it’s really going to reflect positively on our industry.”

Scott Louser, REALTOR®

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