Release Notes: April 2024

What’s New in RPR?

You asked, and we delivered!

Summarize statistical and demographic data for a trade area using our new Commercial ScriptWriter, powered by ChatGPT AI software. Next, head to the map to see our beta enhanced POIs, which include 29 million businesses and neighborhood amenities divided into 13 categories and 74 subcategories. These two popular requests have been implemented at your request. Enjoy!


 AI Commercial ScriptWriter for Trade Areas

Powered by ChatGPT AI software

Create in-depth content summarizing statistics and demographic data about a trade area in a few minutes! Set the tone, choose your intended audience and the data to include, and let the Commercial ScriptWriter do the work for you.

  • Tone: Professional, Conservative, Engaging, or Conversational

  • Audience: City Planners, Business Owners/Tenants, or Investors and Businesses

  • Data: Primary Segment, Income, Housing, and/or Population

  • Scripts: One-page Summary, Detailed Report, or Presentation Outline

Click the Create Script button on the Trade Area Information page to get started.

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Beta POIs (Points of Interest)

A new POI data set is available in open beta, increasing our POI offerings to 29 million businesses and community amenities nationwide! Choose from 13 top-level categories and 74 sub-categories. The new colorful POI icons will appear on the map as they are selected—no need to select a button to apply.

What is open beta? – Open beta is a test phase that gives you access to this new data early and lets us discover needed improvements through your usage and feedback.

Select the POI button from the map tools menu, then choose from community and business POIs such as parks and golf courses, grocery stores and retail shopping, daycares and schools, hospitals and medical offices, restaurants and entertainment, and more.

The new colorful POI icons will appear on the map as they are selected—no need to select a button to apply. Also, to avoid confusion, we have removed the Google map pins from view when researching POIs. For best results, zoom in to the street level.


Note that approximately 1 million businesses are currently classified as “Unspecified.” These are companies that do many things or are hard to pinpoint to an exact category. Click the POI icon on the map to learn more about the company.


Click on an icon to see Details such as the business name and address, description, industry, number of employees, sales volume, start date, and NAICS ID code.


The NAICS ID is a new addition and is the code under which the business has been classified. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard Federal statistical agencies use when classifying business establishments to collect, analyze, and publish statistical data related to the U.S. business economy. Learn more about NAICS ID codes on the US Census Bureau website.

Esri Annual Update

The annual Esri data refresh includes spending data, demographics, and lifestyle information. Esri data helps power our Commercial Site Selection tool, federal and local Economic Reports, and residential neighborhood statistics.


If you would like to learn more about RPR, please see our Learning Resources where you will find video tutorials, marketing strategies, step-by-step knowledge base articles, and printable guides. 

RPR version 2.31 was released on April 25, 2024.

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