RPR app: March 2023 Release

This release brings many website features to the RPR Mobile™ app, including the addition of our interactive Market Trends charts, a printable Seller’s Net Sheet, and the ability to search for properties within a school attendance zone and more! As always, we refreshed data and made a few bug fixes.

RPR Mobile® App

Market Trends

Market Trends, one of our most popular website features, has been added to the RPR app! See what the market is doing in a neighborhood, city, or zip code. Data can be drilled down by Property Type to allow an in-depth examination.

  • Tap the Market Trends icon at the bottom of your Home screen.

  • Search for a neighborhood, city, or zip code (or choose a My Markets area from auto-suggest).

  • Choose a Property Type from the drop-down menu.

  • Tap the buttons at the top of the chart to change the content.

Seller’s Net Sheet

A new and improved Seller’s Net Sheet is now offered in the RPR Mobile™ app.

An enhancement has been added to the app version that will auto-populates the following fields:

  • List Price
  • Commission
  • Escrow Fees
  • Title Insurance


As inputs are made, the Net Cash to Seller will automatically calculate.

Commission, Escrow Fees, and Title Insurance are based on industry standards and can be edited.

  • 1

    Tap the button on the Property Details screen.

  • 2

    Enter values and review – edit if needed.

  • 3

    Tap Save, then tap the Create Report button.

Search within  School Attendance Zones

We now support searching for properties within school attendance zones on the app. When a school name is entered in the search bar, auto-suggest (below the search bar) will return the top 4 school matches in a new group labels “Schools.” Choose one of the options and your search results will show properties within the selected school attendance zone.

Historical Tax and Distressed Records

The tax and distressed records have been updated to display a property’s complete tax and distressed historical records (the same as our website).

Street View

We updated the Street View so you can view a property’s surroundings.

Tap the person icon at the bottom of the Street View photo  on the Property Details screen.

Tap the Street View photo and move your finger to pan the area.

CMA Button

The Create CMA button has moved to the top of the Property Details screen. If you have already created a CMA for the property, the CMA value will display.

Data Updates

Click on the links below to learn more.

We have updated the residential, neighborhood, and ZIP Code boundaries used on maps and in searches. This data is provided by Precisely and is updated quarterly.

The annual Esri data refresh includes spending data, demographics, and lifestyle information. Esri data helps power our Commercial Site Selection tool, federal and local Economic Area Reports, and residential neighborhood statistics.

The quarterly refresh of school data, provided by Niche, includes updates to school ratings and community reviews. We have also updated our school district boundaries, provided quarterly by Precisely.

This annual refresh updates over 13 million POIs on Commercial and Residential maps. REALTORS® can research neighborhood amenities and businesses when working with both residential buyers and commercial investors.

This release updates tenant data for commercial properties to the latest information from SMR Research. Tenant data is displayed on commercial Property Details pages and can be included in Commercial Property Reports. This data, covering more than 9.98 million tenants, is updated quarterly.

The U.S. Congressional Districts, as well as state senate and legislative districts, have been updated to display new and adjusted districts.

RPR version 3.4 was released on March 22, 2023.

Need Help?

If you need additional assistance, contact RPR Member Support at (877) 977-7576 or open a Live Chat from any page of the website.

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