RPR app: March 2023 Release

This release brings many website features to the RPR Mobile™ app, including the addition of our interactive Market Trends charts, a printable Seller’s Net Sheet, and the ability to search for properties within a school attendance zone and more! As always, we refreshed data and made a few bug fixes.

RPR Mobile® App

Market Trends

Market Trends, one of our most popular website features, has been added to the RPR app! See what the market is doing in a neighborhood, city, or zip code. Data can be drilled down by Property Type to allow an in-depth examination.

  • Tap the Market Trends icon at the bottom of your Home screen.

  • Search for a neighborhood, city, or zip code (or choose a My Markets area from auto-suggest).

  • Choose a Property Type from the drop-down menu.

  • Tap the buttons at the top of the chart to change the content.

Seller’s Net Sheet

A new and improved Seller’s Net Sheet is now offered in the RPR Mobile™ app.

An enhancement has been added to the app version that will auto-populates the following fields:

  • List Price
  • Commission
  • Escrow Fees
  • Title Insurance


As inputs are made, the Net Cash to Seller will automatically calculate.

Commission, Escrow Fees, and Title Insurance are based on industry standards and can be edited.

  • 1

    Tap the button on the Property Details screen.

  • 2

    Enter values and review – edit if needed.

  • 3

    Tap Save, then tap the Create Report button.

Search within  School Attendance Zones

We now support searching for properties within school attendance zones on the app. When a school name is entered in the search bar, auto-suggest (below the search bar) will return the top 4 school matches in a new group labels “Schools.” Choose one of the options and your search results will show properties within the selected school attendance zone.