Release Notes: October 2023

We are excited to announce that RPR has partnered with Rental Beast® – a free tenant screening platform, and Risk Factor™- a tool that assesses property-specific climate risks. Read on to learn the details, the new location for Suite Listings, and other improvements made in this release!


Rental Beast®

RPR has partnered with Rental Beast® – a free tenant screening platform that helps you find the right tenants for your lease listings. Access Rental Beast® in the Additional Resources section of any residential For Lease listing’s Property Information page.

  • Email an application link to potential renters or add it to your lease listings posted to social media.

  • Interested applicants click the property-specific link, pay a $36.00 fee, and then fill out a rental application.

  • Rental Beast® works with the TransUnion credit reporting agency to create a report you can share with the property owner.

Risk Factor™

RPR has partnered with Risk Factor – a free tool created by the nonprofit First Street Foundation® to make it easy to understand risks from a changing environment. Risk Factor assesses a property’s risk from floods, wildfires, hurricane wind, and extreme heat.

  • Risk Factor™ assessments are available for all residential and commercial properties.

  • Click the tile in the Additional Resources section of any Property Information page.

  • Basic information is free; a paid subscription with Risk Factor™ offers more details and reports sharing.

Suite Listings

Suite Listings have moved from the Multiple Listings section to the Available Space section. Click the link in the Suites column to open the listing.

AARP Livability™ Index

The annual update of the AARP™ Livability Index data and scores also includes a new color palette to assist people with challenges seeing specific colors.

Trade Area Data

We changed the name of the Tapestry Segment Rustbelt Traditions to Manufacturing Traditions based on REALTOR® feedback.

MLS/Association Dashboard

We removed the Avg. Visit Duration metric from the MLS and Association Dashboards because it did not align with the other User Stats offered. Unlike the other User Stats, the Avg. Visit Duration data was not specific to each Association or MLS (it showed national usage).

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