Release Notes: September 2023

This Fall is all about improvements at RPR – we have enlarged property photos, redesigned the Property Map and Trade Area page, added an override feature to the Refined Value Tool, and more! Read on to learn about the details of this release.



Enlarged Photos

The expanded Photos view has been enlarged! Click the icon below the photo on the Property Information page to expand your view. This new full-page view provides larger photos and easier navigation for a better examination of a property’s features.

Keyboard Navigation

You can now use your keyboard left/right arrow keys to move to the previous or next listing photo. This option is available on both the Property Information page and the expanded Photo View.

Map/Location Page

A new option has been added to the navigation bar on the Property Information page called Map/Location, which opens a new version of the Property Map.

A few new features have been added, including a full search bar, the subject property address, and the navigation bar.

Location Details has moved from the Property Information page to the new Map/Location page.

See information about the property’s zoning, directions to the property, its walkability score, and more.

Add a Note relevant to the location and include it in your reports.

Small Map

Enlarging the small map on the Property Information page also opens the same new Map/Location page.

Guided Tours

We have changed the name of the tutorials on the Home page from Shortcuts to Guided Tours. The Guided Tours offered have also been updated.

Residential Mode

Property Search
Market Trends
Map Search
Create CMA
Create Reports
RPR Mobile

Commercial Mode

Property Search
Map Insights
Site Selection
Research Trade Areas
Investor Analysis
Create Reports

Refined Value

Value Change Column

A “Value Change” column has been added to the “Refine Value by adjusting Basic Facts” section of the Refine Value page.  This column shows the dollar amount added or subtracted for each basic fact you have adjusted.

Override Option

Not the outcome that you expected? You can now override the “Value change from basic facts” and show your adjusted value in your reports.

Trade Area Page

The Trade Area Information page has a fresh new look. Each section has been redesigned for better usability. All the data offered remains the same.

Data Updates