What is the Reports tab?

The Reports tab offers quick access to the Report page from anywhere on the website. Choose a report and your choice will auto-select on the Report page, plus the report elements will open for your customization. See an explanation of each menu item below.

Tip: If you change your mind upon arriving on the Report page, you can select a different report at that time, but be sure to open the report elements to customize your report (click on the plus sign to the far right of the report title).

Explanation of each item in the menu

Click on the links below to learn abut each menu item. 

The Report Bell notifies you when your report is finished and ready to view.  Choose between Off or On.

Clicking Create a CMA takes you to our five-step CMA tool.

A CMA (Comp Analysis) can be included in a Seller’s Report, Property Report, and Mini Property Report (result only).  To learn how-to, see this article.

Our Sales Comparison Analysis can be included in our Valuation Workbook.

Clicking Residential Reports hides all of the residential report titles from your view in this menu.  Clicking it again shows the residential report titles in this menu.  Your selection will be saved until you change it.