8 Things New Users Should Know About RPR

If you’re new to RPR–welcome aboard!

RPR is committed to helping you become a more efficient and more skilled real estate agent. We know you have a lot riding on your next deal (maybe your first!), which is why we built the nation’s largest property database. RPR provides the data, tools and reports to help you wow your clients and close more deals.

Designed exclusively for REALTORS®, RPR is included in your membership dues, and requires no extra fees or upgrades. Simply go to narrpr.com, and get the login process started. In no time, you’ll be searching properties, creating reports and delivering data-rich, high-quality, professional-looking materials to your clients.

Get Schooled: The RPR Learning Menu

As a new user, you might have a few questions or need a little help here and there. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The RPR Learning Menu is accessible on almost every page within RPR.

Just look for the graduation cap icon that appears in the upper right of the site’s navigation bar. Click it to reveal a drop-down menu that provides users with tips, links, videos and answers to commonly asked questions. And because it resides within the context of whatever task you’re completing, it’s a convenient way to get knowledge, yet keep focused on what you’re doing.

Remember, simply click the grad cap icon to learn more, get answers, and become a more savvy RPR user.

Just For You: The RPR New User Series

Another useful source for new members is the RPR New User Series. We consider these features to be the “pillars” of what RPR has to offer.

These eight straightforward “how-to’s” cover everything from simple searches, to gathering data on schools and neighborhoods, mapping, and our ever-popular RPR reports. Each article includes a breakdown of what you can expect from RPR and how to easily incorporate RPR tools and features into your everyday business operations.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the RPR New User Series:

1 Property Search
As an RPR user, you have the power to capture real estate data to the extent that no other search mechanism offers. In fact, no other real estate data sharing website offers side-by-side, listing vs. public record comparisons like RPR.

2 Property Details
RPR’s Property Details page offers a wealth of data not found on any other real estate platform. Here you will find side-by-side comparisons of MLS vs. public records information; sales, tax and mortgage histories; property photos, school and neighborhood profiles, interactive maps, and more.

3 Property pricing
RPR shares four tools that will help you refine the value of a property, use the platform’s flexible comp analysis tool, create a Sales Comparative Analysis and Valuation Workbook for harder-to-price properties, and run a real-time analysis for investment properties.

4 Neighborhoods
Finding the right neighborhood for your buyer is easy thanks to the housing, demographic and economic data found within RPR. Here, we’ll run you through the basics on how to help your clients find a home near desired amenities and within commutable distances.

Test scores, parent reviews, enrollment data and more help REALTORS® quickly drill down to schools best suited to client needs and expectations. Search for schools within 5 miles of a location; by city/state, school, or district name; and even by type of school (elementary, middle or high school), as well as up to 20 nearby listings.

6 Maps
The RPR map is a powerful way to visually search for properties and uncover market trends. From aerial, road, and overhead views, to schools, parcels, estimated values, heat maps, overlays and more, we’ll show you how easy it is to draw or designate your map in ways that suit every type of interest or need.

Easily create and share RPR’s colorful, client-friendly reports from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Customize the elements of your report to suit client interests and brand each with your name, photo, logo and contact information. And even add your own pages to the report (biographies, testimonials, and marketing tools).

8 RPR Mobile
Downloading the free RRR app to instantly view on- and off-market properties, leases, valuations, tax and mortgage info, distressed data, maps, schools, neighborhoods and more. The app also provides a customizable feature that allows you to create, save and share reports with just a few quick taps on the screen.

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