Real estate app offers answers to 12 common consumer questions

Providing immediate answers to client concerns and questions, while in the car or at the curb, will turn the tide in any agent’s favor. And there’s an app for that.

Here are the top 12 reported ways that agents use the RPR app to educate buyers. Download the app on your smartphone today and be prepared to respond to your client’s questions tomorrow.

1“How is the market doing?”

What Realtor hasn’t heard this question while with buyers or in the checkout line at the grocery store? Give them the facts by swiping to the left from your app’s home screen. Local Market Conditions will display estimated home values, sale prices, changes in market, and days in RPR. Then ask for their email address and offer to send a Market Activity Report, right then and there.

2“What other homes are for sale in this area?”

Show your client every listing in the area whether by list or map view … within seconds. The app’s home screen displays counts for new listings, for sale, recently sold, distressed and for lease properties within a half-mile radius by default. Pressing For Sale opens the map that showcases active properties (marked in blue) within a predetermined search zone. Here, press any icon to reveal the property’s characteristics (including photos), draw your own map boundaries, or sort your results by up to a dozen unique characteristics. Filter is a good option for narrowing your search by on and off-market properties and listing status.

Pro Tip

Want to increase your default search area? Press the gear icon at the top left of your home screen, choose User Settings, and use the sliding scale to set your geographic search zone.

3“What has sold in this neighborhood?”

From your app’s home screen, tap Recently Sold for a map of color coded pins (your phone’s GPS instantly shows your location). Green pins represent sold homes. If you don’t see “green,” press Filter at the bottom of the page to set your display preferences. Press on a pin to bring up everything there is to know about a property. From the map, draw your own boundaries or sort by up to a dozen unique characteristics.

Pro Tip

Press List View to see properties in an easy to scroll format.

4 “What is the condition of the house across the street that sold last month?”

Choose to go back into Recently Sold or simply select the home screen’s magnifying glass and enter the property address for a full disclosure of its characteristics, photos, and more.

5“Can we see that house right now?”

While checking out the property on RPR’s app, look to the Listing Details section to find Showing instructions. Also to contact the listing agent, tap o