Invest Time In Opportunity Zones Now To Spark Future Opportunities

We recently chatted with REALTOR® and Resimercial specialist Kristin Smith about things she’s doing to stay positive and productive during this unusual time. Her best advice? “I love the Opportunity Zones feature in RPR. My investor clients are buying property right now based on investment opportunities I find in RPR Opportunity Zones. It’s a secret weapon, that’s not so secret.”

Bottom line? Invest time now in Opportunity Zones so your investors will be ready when we hit “play” on “The Great Pause.” Here’s a brief refresher if you’ve heard of OZs, but you’re not quite sure what they are or how they’re applied.

RPR Qualified Opportunity Zones

Created in 2017 as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) were created to drive economic growth through long-term investments in economically disadvantaged communities by offering tax incentives to investors.

Opportunity Zones are a powerful data layer that allows REALTORS® to use RPR’s map interface to analyze and search for properties within the 8,700 Opportunity Zones throughout the U.S., in both our Residential and Commercial modes.

Residential practitioners who utilize Opportunity Zones will notice increased marketability of homes within the OZ, while Commercial practitioners are more likely to see less desirable properties turn into investment opportunities. Here’s how to quickly access this dynamic feature:

  • You’ll access Opportunity Zones by searching a geographic area, and then from the Map click on “Show Geographies’
  • Now select “Opportunity Zones” which will reveal shaded, peach-colored areas that qualify
  • From here, analyze all properties that fall in the Opportunity Zone, review economic and demographic statistics for the area, and create reports for investors about the buying potential
  • One extra tip: use the mailing labels or owner export in combination with Opportunity Zones. You’ll be able to reach out to residents and business owners in the area about the advantages of selling

Watch this brief “How-To” video on how to locate and execute an Opportunity Zones search within RPR:

Also, be sure to download our printable Opportunity Zones Quick Start Guides. Each one offers step-by-step instructions and tips on how to search for Opportunity Zones within RPR:

  • Residential: search properties within a geographic area, then choose to display the Opportunity Zones layer, which will then reveal shaded areas that qualify.
  • Commercial: search for commercial properties within a geographic area, then choose to display the Opportunity Zones layer, which will then reveal shaded areas that qualify.
  • Economic Area Report: Association staff and Federal Political Coordinators can create Economic Area Reports for properties in Opportunity Zones.
  • Market Data: Brokers, Associations and MLSs can use the Market Data Tool to run reports on properties that fall within an Opportunity Zone.
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    • Reggie Nicolay
      Reggie Nicolay says:

      Hi Jim,
      RPR is provided as a member benefit to REALTORS and covered by NAR member dues. No extra cost to access RPR or use the OZ feature.

  1. John McCarthy
    John McCarthy says:

    You should check out OZmaps (Google Play & App Store) that allows you to search and identify OZ properties but the best feature is it uses your GPS so you know when you are in an OZ which works great when out in the battle field. It also provides all property ownership and other important property details. It’s an amazing app for real estate practitioners.


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