Social Media Marketing Made Easy With RPR

Editor’s Note: Thanks to feedback from our readers, we’ve updated this article to include a how-to video and downloadable instruction sheet. You’ll find these valuable resources at the end of the article.

There’s a lot more to RPR than working with buyers, nailing listing presentations, prospecting neighborhoods, and managing successful open houses. In fact, Realtors® who want to up their game when it comes to social marketing can quickly adapt RPR data into an ongoing campaign that will definitely draw attention from would-be clients.

For example, using RPR to share interesting facts about your marketplace on Facebook is a great way to create a series of attention grabbers for your selling area. Here, we offer three templates showing how RPR’s Neighborhood data can build and nurture a social media campaign that will attract would-be homeowners to your town or city. Just fill in the blanks and you’re ready to post!

Template #1

Five Secrets About Home Values in [CITY NAME]

1.[Town/City/Area] median estimated home value is [dollar value].
2.The median list price in [year] was [dollar value] — a [percent increase/decrease] over the prior year.
3.Values have risen [percent] over the last 12 months.
4.The median home age is (number).
5.The greatest number of homes sold were between [age] and [age] years old.

Calls to action …

  • Considering a move? Let me send you a free property evaluation.
  • Call {insert name, photo, link to website}
  • See my listings

Template #2

Five Things You’ll Want to Know About [CITY NAME]

1.[Town/City/Area] population has increased [percent] since 2000 to a high of [number].
2.The median age of a [person from town/city] is [number].
3.The largest segment of our population is [number].
4.[Percent] have earned an [type] degree or higher.
5.[Number] of residents earn between [dollar values].

Calls to action …

  • Considering a move to {City}? Call {insert name, photo, link to website}
  • See my listings
  • Get a free Market Activity Report!

Template #3

Five Things You’ll Want to Know About Life in [CITY NAME]

1.[Town/City/Area] gets [number of inches] of rain every year.
2.We shovel [see RPR for number of inches] of snow per winter.
3.The sun shines an average of [number] days per year.
4.But, thankfully, our average travel time to work is only [number] minutes.
5.In [month], temps range from [number] to [number] degrees, and [number] to [number] degrees in [month].

Calls to action …

  • Considering a move to our lovely city? I can help.
  • Call {insert name, photo, link to website}
  • See my listings
  • Get a free Property Report!

Ready for your first Facebook post?

Create your own “Five Things About My Marketplace” campaign. Watch this quick video for the steps to get started.

Download the printable quick start guide on this topic.

28 replies
  1. Vinny Mistretta
    Vinny Mistretta says:

    There are no instructions
    for posting to SM. It would be a great asset if RPR had a SM icon to click and auto post like some other vendors offer. I hope to see such an option in the future!

  2. Denicia R.
    Denicia R. says:

    I was so excited to see this email, but as I am going through the steps, it’s very unclear how to post to social media once I pull up a particular neighborhood. Please add additional information . Thanks

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    you can not directly post to social media. you can take the info you find in RPR and create your own posts! Simply posting a link to the report would not be particularly beneficial – there is so much info there!

  4. Katrina Rodriguez
    Katrina Rodriguez says:

    Adding a Social Media Template we could download or a Social Media ” generated report” would be great. This is supposed to be about posting on social media, but does not directly talk about putting anything on social media. It ends up just talking about RPR and not how RPR can transfer into a Social Media Post. I get that you can take the data to create your own posts, which is fine, but the article name and content is a little misleading in my opinion.

  5. Craig
    Craig says:

    The social media campaign is not clear enough for me to follow. I have not found a video that explains the steps to post the information.

  6. Jennifer Gibson
    Jennifer Gibson says:

    NONE OF THESE LINKS WORK .. I see its from 2017 but I would think RPR would update the links about these tools and social media posting etc.. I took 30 minutes to watch the videos but none of the help links work?


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