C2EX: Professional Growth For REALTORS®

As an RPR user, we know you’re on top of your game when it comes to “wowing” your clients and closing more deals. The data, tools and reports from RPR help you make a big impression, better serve your clients, and make it easy to present yourself as a buttoned-up professional.

If you want to boost your professionalism even more, look no further than C2EX. Short for “Commitment to Excellence”, C2EX is an NAR program that was designed to empower REALTORS® to elevate every single aspect of their skills, strengths and standards.

What Is C2EX?

C2EX is a benefit available to all NAR members at no additional cost. It’s not a class or designation. It’s an opportunity to assess your real estate industry knowledge and identify areas where you may need to sharpen your skills. Once you complete the C2EX program, you earn the C2EX Endorsement and are recognized by NAR as committed to practicing real estate at the highest professional standard in the industry.

Getting started is easy; simply go to C2EX.realtor and follow the prompts to register. You’ll need your NAR login information and/or your Member ID to log in. Although individual times do vary, on average it takes about 7-10 hours to complete.

The C2EX Experience

C2EX differs from most online educational experiences. You’re probably used to the typical, often tedious model of completing courses and then taking a test at the end. C2EX flips this process on its head by having you complete an initial assessment upfront.

Then, once your results are tallied and crunched, (which is instantly) you’ll receive customized educational content that is snackable and easy-to-understand. You’ll learn through completing games and quizzes, watching videos, and other various interactive, digital course work. The idea is to make it fun and mobile-friendly, yet also very enlightening and educational.

This innovative approach allows you to not waste time going over your areas of expertise and strength. Allowing you to completely focus on topics and subjects where you need improvement. One area you most likely won’t need too much help with is the C2EX Technology Competency “Tools and Services” learning topic, where having an RPR account is a required task.

By having an RPR account, you’re a REALTOR® who has already begun their C2EX journey. Go to C2EX.realtor today to become a more well-rounded and more educated real estate professional.

And if you haven’t, get started with RPR today as well!

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