Stand Out in the Crowd: Personalize Your Reports with Custom Pages

Standing out in the real estate industry is a necessity rather than a luxury. And one tool that ensures you do just that is RPR®’s (Realtors Property Resource®) custom page feature. This valuable tool not only helps you fine-tune your RPR reports, it also allows you to leave a lasting personal impression.

How to add customized pages to your RPR Reports

Implementing this tool is straightforward. By navigating to the Reports tab on RPR’s website, and selecting Manage Custom Pages, you can upload up to five PDF files, which can be easily positioned anywhere within your report thanks to RPR’s flexible user interface.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the various ways this standard-setting customization tool can transform your personal brand:

  • Your Professional Identity
    Highlighting your qualifications, certifications and specialized skills gives clients insight into your professional prowess. Personal testimonials or reviews from past clients inserted into your custom pages can serve as powerful references, further enhancing client trust.

  • Your Successful Track Record
    Sharing details about sold properties, awards and recognitions received paints a picture of success. Also consider spotlighting exceptional transactions where you overcame significant hurdles—these stories tell more about what you bring to the table than numbers ever could.

  • Your Team’s Strengths & Collaborative Approach
    If collaborative effort defines your operations, displaying profiles or skills of team members gives clients an idea of the collective capabilities they’re hiring. Reports of successful collaborations on past transactions could seal the deal.

  • Your Client-Centric Approach
    Proactively addressing common questions shows dedication to transparency and client understanding. Including resources that explain buying/selling processes simply further demonstrates your readiness to guide them through their real estate journey.

  • Community & Local Expertise
    Are you actively involved in local community events? Do you have insightful knowledge of local neighborhoods or property trends? Sharing these local-focused insights emphasizes your commitment to both community and industry growth.

Custom pages can also be uniquely tailored to varying types of clients:

  • For Sellers
    Sharing your unique selling strategies helps to build trust, reinforcing the feeling that they’re in capable hands. Including staging tips provides a glimpse into your expertise, reassuring sellers about their sale’s potential success.

  • For Buyers
    Providing a glimpse into potential neighborhoods could save buyers hours of research. A guide specifically created for first-time buyers simplifies the purchasing process, easing any worries they may have.

  • For Investors
    Supplying case study pages introduces investors to real-life instances of your previous successful ventures. By presenting these successful stories, you help them comprehend your effective strategies. This sort of confirmation helps them make confident investment decisions.

Adding custom pages to reports sets you apart from a crowded field

Are you beginning to see how using RPR’s custom page feature can turn the tables in your favor, propelling both you and your clients toward success? It’s really about understanding what your clients are looking for and then serving it to them pre-packaged and tied with a bow. So go ahead, give it a shot— you’re already one step ahead of the game by reading this article. You’ve got this!

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