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RPR® Commercial Serves Multiple REALTOR® Specialties


Word about RPR®’s commercial platform is popping up across the nation and, sometimes, in surprising ways.

In the apex of a finance course at REALTOR® University’s Master of Real Estate program, Adrienne “Abe” Wagner needed to identify, analyze and then bring to market a commercial property in order to pass the class.

Rural Area Agents Cover All the Bases for Residential and Commercial Clients


Hometown real estate agents are quintessential multitaskers, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of their rural communities. Here at Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®), we recently heard an entertaining tale of a REALTOR®, working in a one-traffic-light town, who exemplifies that “do what it takes” spirit.

Refine the RVM® with these 6 Home Upgrade Tips


You know the importance of comps and market trends in price setting. But in today’s market, understanding how property enhancements can change the valuation of a home can lead to a faster sell and greater commission. RPR®’s Realtors Valuation Model® (RVM®,) makes it easy for you to give clients the most accurate valuation possible when preparing to list the property.

REALTORS® Get Ready: Millennials and Boomers are coming to a neighborhood near you…


Communities across the country are putting their best foot forward in an effort to attract home buying Millennials and Boomers to their walkable neighborhoods. A good idea since Millennials, comprising the largest share of U.S. homebuyers, and Boomers, who are running not walking to convenient-friendly communities, will dominate the real estate market for years to come.

3 Tips to Use RPR® as Your Instant Connection with Online Leads

Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Maybe you don’t—but if it could result in building your business and referral pipeline, 5 minutes could have some big return on investment…

Heat Maps Use Color as the Universal Communicator

Heat Map

What’s more welcome about color is its adaptability to innovation. When coupled with technology, color can be used to transform complex data into a digestible, relatable and, most importantly for REALTORS®, decision-making context. Such is the case with RPR heat maps, one of the most creative and powerful technological innovations in the history of visual marketing.

How to create a one-page property flyer


An exciting new option has been added to the already robust line-up of RPR® reports–the one page property flyer. As of the February 2015 RPR release, REALTORS® can now create a customized, branded marketing piece for any property. Here’s how: Step #1 | Find Your Listing Search for the listing in the main search navigation […]

Cut the Clutter: Unlock Your Potential With RPR Mobile™

Cut the Clutter_blog

Staying ahead of the (technology) curve is one of the keys to being a power agent. And, with mobile tech being widely accepted these days, finding the right app that will actually simplify your life and help build your business is proving to be increasingly challenging…

March 2015 Release


We are thrilled to share with you what we’ve been working on this past month. The March 2015 Release of RPR has some features that we know will instantly become some of your favorites. In fact, they are some of our favorites. Let’s take a look…

[Video] Using RPR Mobile™ to Impress Online Prospects

RPR Mobile

In this video we share a story from from Vancouver Washington where we found seasoned REALTOR® Dale Chumbley. See how Dale uses RPR Mobile™ to quickly get back to online leads with RPR reports packed with property and market data.

Easy Tips for the Perfect Headshot


Who am I? It’s the age-old philosophical question that you probably didn’t get into the real estate industry to try and answer… but alas, your prospective clients will want to know. Real estate agents were some of the first professionals to use a headshot to brand themselves, and it’s little wonder why. A client chooses…

Bringing REALTORS® to the Next Level


2014 was a milestone year for Realtors Property Resource®. It brought MLS and Association executives a portal into RPR user metrics, data updates, and economic and legislative reports. It saw RPR continue to add enhancements to both the Residential and Commercial side of the platform. And in the fourth quarter, it saw the release of…