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Target the Right Consumer Base With Esri Data From RPR

Everyone has heard the famous real estate saying location, location, location. In commercial real estate this definitely holds, but it does so more because of the people that live in a location than the scenery or amenities surrounding it. Even the most beautiful retail location isn’t guaranteed to be successful for a tenant if his/her target consumer does not live nearby.

What's on the Horizon for Land With RPR Commercial

Last year, RPR recorded more than 450,000 on-market land listings in its database. That’s a large enough number to command anyone’s attention, including RPR’s commercial team who recently surveyed land industry experts from across the country. Here’s what the team came up with:

Easily find new and improved points of interest on RPR maps

Points of Interest (POIs) represent the diversity and density of amenities and businesses within close proximity to the area your client wants to live or do business in, or both. Now, RPR is taking its POI services to the next level. Up to 30 individual POI categories have been added to the data platform’s lineup of residential features, in addition to an important upgrade to its site selection enhancing POI roster on the commercial side.