Connecting Markets and Empowering REALTORS®: The Power of RPR View™ Data Sharing

In an industry as dynamic and competitive as real estate, MLSs play an essential role in ensuring that REALTORS® have access to the tools and resources necessary to thrive.

One such tool is RPR View from RPR (Realtors Property Resource®), the industry’s largest data share platform, designed to streamline how listings are shared and accessed across markets.

With over 1,144,000 REALTORS® benefiting from on-market listing access and an additional 780,000 with access to off-market listings from another MLS within RPR, the platform is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the real estate sector.

No Cost–Maximum Benefit

What sets RPR View™ apart is its commitment to providing value without burdening MLSs and REALTORS® with additional costs. This no-cost, easy implementation encourages widespread adoption, allowing MLSs to offer RPR View as an invaluable service to their members, enhancing the value of their services and supporting their success in the competitive real estate landscape.

Autonomy and Security at its Core

RPR View champions MLS’s autonomy over their data, offering unparalleled flexibility in determining what information is shared and with whom. This granular control ensures that MLSs can tailor their data sharing practices to meet strategic objectives while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of their data. The platform’s robust security measures further ensure that MLS data is shared responsibly, safeguarding privacy and fostering trust among all stakeholders.

Expanding Horizons for Listings

The reach of RPR View can extend far beyond local markets, offering visibility for listings across neighboring markets or nationwide. This exposure not only benefits brokers and agents by connecting them with a broader audience but also speeds up sales and expands client bases, fostering growth and success in today’s fast-moving market.

Empowering REALTORS® with Enhanced Services

By integrating RPR View, MLSs demonstrate a commitment to providing their members with state-of-the-art tools and resources. From streamlining the creation of CMAs and Market Activity reports to offering on-the-go access via the RPR Mobile app, RPR View significantly improves REALTORS® productivity, enabling them to deliver exceptional service to their clients.

The essence of RPR View™ lies in its ability to foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation among MLSs, making data sharing more accessible and efficient than ever before. This collaboration not only strengthens the real estate industry by creating a more interconnected community but also paves the way for innovation and shared success.

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