10 Real Estate Apps That Will Amplify Your Productivity

Welcome to our annual “Best Apps” article; a yearly entry that has proven to be very popular among RPR users. Once again, we’ve researched and gathered up an impressive collection of digital applications that will make you a more efficient and more successful REALTOR®.

Gone are the days when apps were strictly for early adopters and tech wizards. Nowadays, utilizing business apps into every day workflow is the price of admission in the ever-changing, on-the-go real estate landscape. Implementing these apps can make you more productive, more responsive, and more capable to serve your clients and gain new ones.

Enjoy this year’s “10 Real Estate Apps That Will Amplify Your Productivity”…

1Open Home Pro takes your open house skills next level. Specifically designed for REALTORS® and real estate agents, Open Home Pro is an all-in-one open house management tool. This easy-to-use application showcases a variety of features such as digital sign-in sheets, customizable questions, the ability to record visitor notes, and you can export the info you collect into your CRM–and that’s just the free stuff! Kick in a few extra per month and you get access to lead follow-up features and expanded customizability. Signage and fresh baked cookies are still on you. ; ) Their basic package is free, while the premium package will set you back $20 to $25 per month.

2 ABBYY Card Reader: There’s a lot of business card sharing in the real estate world. Here’s a fast, easy and accurate way to consolidate them. ABBYY Card Reader, the business card scanner app, allows you to convert paper business cards to digital with a single tap. Simply use your smartphone to scan business cards and all the data is instantly saved into your contact list. And it works in several languages!The cost? Your first 15 card scans are free, then it’s $7.99 per month or $29.99 a year.

3BombBomb: We’ve included BombBomb in previous write ups, but the the app has been updated and improved, not to mention video email marketing has also become more mainstream. BombBomb makes it incredibly easy for agents to shoot, edit and send video email messages. You can also review and track your emails, lists, forms, drips, and video campaigns. It also easily integrates with other software and apps, including RPR. But don’t just take our word for it, watch this quick 3-minute video by an actual REALTOR® who uses the app to create personal video emails that dynamically promote her listings, herself and her community. BombBomb is free for a 15 day testspin; monthly packages start at around $49 per month.

4Structurely/Holmes For Real Estate: Imagine talking to potential clients and managing leads while you watch your kid’s game or shop at the grocery store? It’s possible with an AI chatbot. The company is Structurely, and their app “Holmes For Real Estate”, is a 24/7 lead management Artificial Intelligence Sales Agent. When you install the Holmes app, you immediately get a message that says, “Hi, I’m Holmes. I’ll be your personal lead assistant.” The app is designed to intelligently use relevant MLS data to ask and answer questions in real-time. Most people don’t even realize they’re conversing with a chatbot, as it uses emojis, the time of day, humor and an occasional typo to drive engaging conversations, which you can join/take over at any time. As your personal real estate CRM, you can also sync Holmes with your website to set up social media, SMS, email and live chat. Packages start at $179 per month, which is pricy, but you must consider that it’s also a whole CRM system, and in-line with those typical costs.

5KeyMe: This one’s not just for REALTORS®, but it could save you plenty of time and hassle. With the KeyMe app, making copies of keys has never been easier. Just snap a photo of the key, head to a nearby KeyMe kiosk (grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores), and fabricate yourself a copy. No more misplacing your seller’s keys or inconveniencing them for another. KeyMe is no fad; their kiosks numbers have grown from 200 to over 1,000. The app is free, and your typical brass key copies run about $3.

6Trello: REALTORS®, agent teams, offices and brokerages have a lot of moving parts. Trello, a PM (project management) software, helps teams and offices get on the same page, organize their schedules and goals, and simply get more stuff done. It provides boards, lists, and cards that let users organize and prioritize their projects or tasks in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. The card system is particularly user-friendly and creative, as it allows team members to interact and collaborate with each other by adding comments, links, files and photos to the project card. Trello is mostly free, but you can upgrade to Trello Gold, which unlocks deeper features and capabilities, for a nominal fee of $5 per month.

7Skyslope is a one-stop shop for keeping real estate documents all under one roof (see what we did there?) That’s the real world way of saying it; the more complex definition is that Skyslope is transaction management software that helps real estate brokers and agents by eliminating the tons of paperwork associated with closing. The app provides a digital footprint for the life cycle of the transaction, where every interaction, text message, email, and more is captured and stored. Skyslope let’s you access data and metrics, integrate CRMs, initiate and digitally sign documents, and much more. Prices start at $25 per agent per month for up to ten users, but decrease if you have over 50 agents.

8Everlance:There are several mileage tracking apps out there, and some say the best one is the one you use. When self employed, small business owners (REALTORS®!) need to track their work trips to get reimbursements or tax deductions, we find Everlance to be one of the best and highest rated. What sets Everlance apart is that it’s the only mileage app that lets you classify the drive via a notification. In addition, you can swipe drives left and right when classifying them in the app. Intuitive, user-friendly and the ability to easily categorize drives? Sign us up! You can install and run the Everlance app for $8 a month, or $60 per year.

9Slydial: We’ve all been there. You have to give someone some important information, and a text or email might come off as too impersonal. You want to simply leave a voicemail, and avoid any “awkward”, clumsy or long conversations. This sort of situation happens quite a bit in life, and has the potential to happen quite a bit for REALTORS®. With the secret powers of Slydial, you can leave a voicemail without having to worry about someone picking up! Slydial allows you to send a voice message to any US mobile phone number from your address book with the touch of a button. Up to ten numbers at once. Stay connected with clients (and loved ones, ha!) by leaving stealth messages. To call people on the sly, it’ll run you just $2.95 a month, or $29.95 per year.

10RPR Mobile: Did you think we’d leave ourselves out?! No top real estate app list is complete without RPR. Built exclusively for REALTORS®, the app offers on-the-go access to easily search and analyze on-and-off market properties, valuations, tax and mortgage info, distressed data, mapping, demographics, schools, neighborhoods, and market trends. RPR is the nation’s largest property database that provides REALTORS® with data, tools and reports so they can help their clients and close more deals. The cost? Free. As in free. RPR is made available to REALTORS® as a NAR membership benefit. Log in, sign up, and activate your account and app today!

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    Currently working, with RPR, just started. The other 4 apps are covered by my Broker. Will advise. Thank you!

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