5 Amazing RPR® Commercial Tools to Try Right Now

A multi-dimensional approach to real estate, either as a commercial or residential practitioner, can serve as the tipping point for winning that all-important listing, landing new clients, and pinpointing the perfect location for a business venture. From basic property facts to advanced economic, market and consumer indicators; one powerful, all-inclusive data platform is all you need to thoroughly understand and execute the needs of your client. Here are the top five RPR tools used by the country’s most versatile REALTORS®.

1. Property Facts: Your Changes

Use your market expertise to separate yourself from the competition.

No other commercial real estate platform offers side-by-side, listing vs. public record comparisons like RPR’s Commercial Property Details page. Moreover, no other data source offers this level of interaction. Here, you can add basic facts such as cap rates, parking spaces, year built, and more.

More on this tool: The Property Details page includes data derived from public records or listings such as building/lot size, the year it was built, listing photos, property owner information, location and tax information, as well as a summary of statistics about the surrounding area. RPR licenses public records property data from the Applied Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS), the nation’s leading provider of mortgage processing services, settlement services and mortgage performance analytics.

2. Map Points of Interest (POI)

Analyze the local business environment.

With RPR Commercial, you can easily search the area around a property to learn about nearby businesses. Hover over each point of interest to display basic information about the business including the address, number of employees, annual sales volume, and industry. POIs are a great tool for identifying competitors along with potential business partners.

More on this tool: The maps in RPR Commercial display business points of interest in ten broad categories such as retail, manufacturing and finance, and nearly 100 subcategories. The points display at zoom level 12 on the map, and works best when is zoomed close to street level, especially in urban areas where proximity is tight. In addition to the POI’s, you can identify for sale or off market properties, overlay heat maps such as demographic information, and conduct searches for properties directly from the maps.

3. Consumer Segmentations

Get ahead of the curve by knowing your client’s audiences.

What are locals buying and where? How old are they and how much do they earn? What are their lifestyle preferences? Demonstrate your expert knowledge of the local market by tapping into RPR’s commercial analysis tool, Esri, which includes a robust host of demographic and consumer spending indicators (consumer spending, demographics, employment, income, and retail marketplace).

More on this tool: Esri, RPR’s source for consumer spending data, uses the latest Consumer Expenditure Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to calculate spending data.

4. Market Analyses

Identifying areas with the highest potential success for your client.

RPR’s Commercial site selection tools use data from sources such as the consumer expenditure survey, to help you identify locations and businesses that will be successful for an area.

More about this tool: With access to three different types of analysis (the right customers, location, and type of market), you are certain to pinpoint the best location based on customer and employee match. Identify attributes of people your client wants to be around and areas that fit those needs.

5. Report Generator

Generating clean concise reports for presentations.

Access to an unparalleled scope of dynamic data in addition to client-friendly reporting tools are what sets RPR apart from any other real estate platform in the country. Having the ability to generate reports with transparency as to what data sources are used and how often they are updated are crucial to backing up your opinions of the market.

More about this tool: RPR Commercial offers four reports you can use to take your client from property details to demographics and psychographics, to identifying the areas most suited for his/her business. RPR reports can be generated easily by going straight to the reports page and typing in the area or address of interest.

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