Decoding Real Estate Podcast: Building a Winning Real Estate Team

Welcome to Decoding Real Estate! Our kickoff episode features Verl Workman: master coach, motivational guru and founder of Workman Success Systems. Listen in as the Decoding duo of Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett chat with Verl Workman on the importance of real estate teams, including: when should you form a real estate team? How do you build a successful team? And how do you measure that success?

This thirty-minute episode flies by as Verl offers wisdom, insight and a blueprint for real estate success that any agent can put into action. This discussion also includes how to work less and spend more time with family, friends, fun and fitness, the three things to look for when assembling talent for your team, how to create a “culture of productivity” in your office, and much more.

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett.


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