How RPR Can Enhance Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

With interest rates creeping up and inventory still down, agents across the country are feeling the pinch. However, now is actually the perfect time for REALTORS® to re-evaluate and revamp their marketing strategies. And RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) can help you do it!

Yes, the current market can be frustrating. But savvy, seasoned agents know that now is the time to plan for the future. You zig while they zag! And investing in yourself and your brand, through RPR’s data and tools, is a smart way to approach it.

Here are a few ways RPR can enhance your real estate marketing strategies…

Analyze market data using RPR

RPR offers up-to-date market data, including market types, active listings, recent sales and inventory levels. The RPR Market Trends, a collection of charts, graphs and statistics, can help you and your clients keep up with the dynamic, ever-changing real estate market.

But best of all, these housing stats are based on local markets. Which means you can drill down and zone-in on specific areas versus quoting numbers on a regional or national level. Which helps you market yourself as the local market expert!

Explain the market using the RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter

Learn How!
Learn How!

To get started, just visit RPR and from the homepage, click on Research, and from the dropdown menu, select Residential Market Trends. Now, conduct a search in the location bar. Start as high as state, county or city. Better yet, use ZIP codes and neighborhood names to get really hyper-local!

Now, here’s where the “analyze” part comes in! From your Market Trends search, click the icon in the upper right that says Create Script. This is the RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter tool and it uses AI ChatGPT tech to create housing market “explainer” copy for you.

For this example, we choose “Engaging” for the tone, “Sellers” for the audience, and “Analyze Metrics” as the action. This was for a ZIP code in southern California. Here are the results, which happen in seconds!

As you can see, terms such as “Months Supply of Inventory” and “List to Sold Price Percentage” aren’t just rattled off–they’re presented and explained in a very easy to understand manner. This is the type of information you can send to clients, post on your social channels or include in direct mail pieces.

Right now, homeowners need data and information on their homes in their area. Be the one who delivers it to them!

Also, remember that you don’t have to include every single word of the Analyze Metrics script that is created for you. Edit it down and only include two terms or one market indicator. Use your own words and fill in gaps with your own local expertise. It’s simply a starting point that you perfect into a compelling piece of communication.

Bolster real estate social media marketing with RPR

Speaking of social media… RPR puts so many tools in your hand to help you craft attention-getting social media posts. The words, the pictures, the current and relevant data–we’ve got it all for you!

Using the Shareable Market Trends in RPR gives you access to data, stats and hard facts. But you can take these market updates and break them up (or down) into bite-sized content that your followers and Friends will love and appreciate.

Simply follow the same steps above to access the Shareable Market Trends. There’s so many options here to super-charge your social media marketing efforts! First, let’s click Share in the upper right of your Market Trends search result. This will open a box titled, Share Chart. Go ahead and name your chart (the month and year are preselected, feel free to edit as you wish), then check over the Preview of your chart.

Next, scroll down to the bottom for the Share options. Choose Facebook, Twitter (now X) or LinkedIn. You will now share this chart to your social media world! Be sure to include some text so potential clients know how to reach you with questions, etc. Or personalize it with something such as, “Hi neighbors, here’s the latest housing market update for [NEIGHBORHOOD NAME]. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the market…”

Another option is to click on the More button; now you can download the Market Trends graphic, either as a .jpg or .png file, or simply copy it to your clipboard for a future paste. Now, you can place this visual market update almost anywhere! Including Instagram, where you can access the saved photo from your phone’s camera roll.

Of course, you might want this same market info, but in a different visual layout. RPR has that for you! Just click here and you’ll be taken to our collection of free Canva templates where you can choose a design to your liking, and then customize it with RPR Market Trends data. Just click the links, follow the prompts and then plug in your numbers. And of course, post the finished product in your feed.

We’re not done with social yet! Another way to use social media is to once again utilize the RPR Market Trends ScriptWriter. In the first example, we chose Analyze Metrics, but this time select Create Script, and then Social Campaign (be sure to choose your tone and audience as well). You’ll almost instantly get:

📢 Attention Oceanside Sellers! 🏡🌊

Get ready for the latest update on the housing market trends in our beautiful city. 📅📈 As your trusted REALTOR®, John Goode, I’m here to keep you informed! 🤝 Let’s dive into the data for September 2023:

📊 Currently, Oceanside has a low inventory with only 1.09 months supply available. 🏢🔍 This means there’s a high demand for homes in our area. So if you’re thinking of selling, now might just be the perfect time! 💼💰

📉 Over the past 12 months, the Months Supply of Inventory has decreased by an impressive -23.78%. 📉 This indicates a growing demand for homes and a potential increase in property values. 📈💼

💸💼 When it comes to pricing, sellers in Oceanside are in for good news! The List to Sold Price percentage is at a solid 100.6%. 💲💰 This means that homes are selling close to or even above their listing price, giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on investment. 💸💼

⏰⌛ The market is moving fast! The median days on market for homes in Oceanside currently stands at just 8 days. 📅⌛ This means that if priced right and marketed effectively, your home could find its perfect buyer in no time! ⏰💼

💰🏡 Lastly, let’s talk about the median sold price. The current median sold price for homes in Oceanside is $850,000. 💰🏡 This shows a strong market with favorable conditions for sellers to achieve their desired sales price! 💼💲

If you’re considering selling your home in Oceanside, CA 92057, now is a great time to take advantage of these market trends! Contact me, John Goode, your trusted REALTOR®, for personalized guidance and assistance throughout the selling process. 📞🔑

#MarketTrends #SellWithConfidence #SellersMarket

As you can see, the Market Trends ScriptWriter has created a whole social media campaign for you! It even includes emojis and hashtags. Now, you don’t have to run all of these messages, you could easily copy all the text and save it somewhere, then pick and choose which ones you want to post, or drip them all out over a period of time. It’s up to you, but one thing’s for sure–your social media feed will be fresher than ever before!

Here are some other “quick hits” that RPR can help with in your marketing planning and executions:

  • Property Reports: RPR provides access to detailed property data, including tax records, ownership history, property characteristics and historical sales data. This information can help you better understand the properties you’re selling or buying, which is valuable for market analysis and client education. Sending out RPR Reports as a self-promotion tactic works really well for specific addresses, neighborhoods and market activity. Check out Houston REALTOR® Uses RPR to Deliver Reports and Results; it’s about an agent who sends out five RPR Seller’s Reports each day as a marketing and prospecting tool!
  • RPR Mailing Labels: Mailing labels or mailing lists can play a crucial role in prospecting outreach in competitive markets. REALTORS® can create them or export owner information from RPR search results. And you can create up to 2,000 each month for free! These ready-to-print mailing labels are perfect for farming, prospecting or direct mail marketing within custom geographies: Conduct an area search, then use filters to narrow it down or use a previously saved area, such as a farm area. Sort your results using the “List View” or from the “Map View”, and click “Mailing Labels” once you have the right number of addresses. A pop up window appears; then choose your label type or a CSV file. Hit “print” and remember, you have 2,000 EACH MONTH to use. Watch this one-minute video to see all of the above in action or follow these step-by-step instructions.
  • Neighborhood Insights: RPR provides information on local neighborhoods, including school data, demographics and amenities. This is valuable when working with clients who want to find properties in specific areas and need detailed information about the neighborhood. Which makes it easy for you to market yourself as the neighborhood expert!

  • Customizable Reports: RPR allows you to create branded and customizable reports, giving your marketing materials a professional and polished look. This can help you stand out from the competition and will surely impress your clients.

Use RPR to make your marketing attention-getting and unforgettable

Incorporating RPR into your real estate marketing strategy can provide you with valuable insights, tools and resources to better serve your clients and improve your overall effectiveness as a real estate professional.

It’s particularly useful for creating data-driven marketing campaigns and delivering well-informed recommendations to your clients.

Tap into RPR today to give your marketing more teeth!

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