eXp Realty Trains Its Agents On RPR, Which “wows” Them And Their Clients

It’s no secret that REALTORS® want to be wildly successful and close more deals. Which is why RPR built the nation’s largest property database. It’s our goal to make every single practicing REALTOR® aware of the data, tools and reports that are available to them at no extra cost, as a member benefit of NAR.

Part of our strategy to reach members is to make connections and partnerships with major brokerages. One of our most recent Brokerage success stories involves the rapidly growing, virtual, cloud-based brokerage eXp Realty.

In fact, nearly 7,000 agents at eXp Realty are learning the lead generation equivalent of pinpointed “laser surgery” from Brad Andersohn, eXp Realty’s executive director of Education.

Under Andersohn’s leadership, packed classes take place on a weekly basis, with 150 to 200 eXp agents virtually tuning in from all over the U.S., Canada and abroad. Within the calendar year, nearly 7,000 of the firm’s agents have established accounts—with nearly 4,000 applying Andersohn’s teaching expertise to tap into RPR’s data and reporting within the past 90 days.

The RPR “Wow” Factor

Focused on a simple approach, Andersohn—in partnership with an RPR trainer—introduces each eXp Realty agent to RPR via a method that hits close to home. Andersohn begins by instructing attendees to sign up for an RPR account, or into their account if it’s already been created. He then has them enter their own address into the system, something which he says borders on magical for many agents. This is where agents experience firsthand the “wow” moment that RPR delivers on, time and time again.

“I don’t care how long they’ve been in their home, I guarantee they’ll find more than 10 things they didn’t know about their own home, property or neighborhood,” explains Andersohn.

With their own home identified, the next step revolves around generating an RPR seller’s report, buyer’s report, school report, market report, CMA and neighborhood report. “Agents can instantly email prospective clients a beautiful report complete with all their contact information,” adds Andersohn.

Using the familiar model of one’s own home to learn how to use RPR ensures that the process from signing up to targeting leads and meeting new clients is never overwhelming—even for brand-new agents.

Once agents have mastered the basics, they can get even more involved by using RPR to quickly crunch some data about their own neighborhood in order to identify the owners of properties who are most likely poised to sell—or at least be thinking about it.

“RPR Mobile can then be used to find those homes and start knocking on doors. Instead of farming and prospecting, or what some call target marketing, I take that one step further and call it ‘laser surgery,’” says Andersohn. “RPR offers 350 datasets besides public records, and that’s just the beginning.”

“When they see the level of information available on RPR, they suddenly realize that they can pull up reports on any home a prospective buyer points their finger at,” says Andersohn.

Train Your Agents To Be RPR Experts

After completing their “Intro to RPR” classes, agents can get even better acquainted with RPR by visiting our training section.

Much like eXp Realty, your brokerage can also benefit from RPR training classes. If you’re interested or have any questions about RPR, please contact our Customer Care hotline at (877) 977-7576. Association Executives or Education Directors can also become Certified RPR Trainers through a series of online classes. For more information, click here.

Becoming an RPR user enables agents to be more productive and better equipped to expertly answer all of their clients’ questions. The wealth of data, the powerful tools and the client-friendly property reports really make a favorable and lasting impression.

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