Decoding Real Estate: Growing Business Through Your CRM With Ricardo Bueno

You hear the acronym “CRM” all the time in real estate, and you probably even know it stands for Customer Relationship Management. But… are you really managing it? Ricardo Bueno, from Follow Up Boss, can help. His first take? “Your phone is not your CRM!”

Ricardo joins Decoding Real Estate to offer strategies, tactics and checklists for utilizing a CRM to its fullest potential. Get tips for managing your contacts, mastering the software, automating “busy” tasks, engaging your sphere, how to revive your touchpoint campaigns, and how to evaluate and segment your database.

Decoding Real Estate is hosted by Reggie Nicolay and Genie Willett.


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  1. Wilber Williams April 27, 2022 at 9:40 am - Reply

    can you write out the information to go to to get the drip campaigns it’s not easy to understand when you are saying it fast, I would like to view them and I feel you gave good insight on using the CRM better from a different point of view

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