Property Search Primer in 1.5 Minutes

It happens all the time: a client puts you on the spot with a question about a property and you’re not 100% sure of the answer. However, with RPR at your fingertips or a click away, you’re poised to reply immediately with accuracy and confidence. That’s what a property search in RPR is all about: quick, effective, and up to date information.

Here are some tips on how to dig a little deeper and how to narrow down your search results even further by making you aware of the “Advanced Search” filter. This property search pointer session will show how to:

  • Locate the search bar, toggle between residential and commercial, type in an address, choose property status and click the search button for results.
  • Find out where the location field for searches is and how to narrow down your search with basic filter checks (type/status, etc.)
  • Check out advanced filters (it’s the funnel icon to the right!) to expand your filters and see more advanced filter options
  • Get a running tally of search results you’re generating before you click “search.” It’s the “Results using these filters: __” area that changes in real time with your filter clicks. This can really come in handy when you’re searching areas and neighborhoods, and not individual properties.

Watch this 1.5 minute video to see all of the above in action…

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