Using RPR To Close More Deals

RPR (Realtors Property Resource) is a real estate data platform made exclusively for REALTORS® as part of their NAR membership. RPR is a tool that helps REALTORS® be more informed, in sync with up-to-date property data, and more efficient in delivering answers to their clients.

As the nation’s largest property database, RPR pools and aggregates real estate data and puts it all together under one easy-to-use roof. The data, tools and reports that RPR offers helps REALTORS® “wow” their clients and close more deals.

In previous blog entries, we’ve touched on what makes up an RPR “wow moment.” But what about the “closing more deals” part of our new tagline/mantra?

How RPR Can Help You Get To The Closing Table

Now, are we talking about closing deals in the literal sense, such as using Docusign to “close”? Not exactly. It’s more about using the RPR platform and RPR Mobile app to impress prospects and perform a variety of tasks throughout the transaction, plus delivering data-rich reports to your clients in minutes. It’s a series of steps, small wins, and “wow moments” that all add up to you bringing your clients to the closing table. (You could also define “closing more deals” as the moment an agent officially gets a listing or becomes a buyer’s representative.)

Here are a few scenarios where RPR can help you “close more deals”

  • Jazz up your next listing appointment by creating a pre-listing package that includes an RPR Property Report along with your personal testimonials, sales history, resume, company profile, sample documents and contracts, marketing calendar, and related checklists. Then have the document professionally printed, bound and delivered by Xpressdocs before the listing appointment. It’s a great way to wow your prospect while also offering key marketing information that could streamline the listing presentation itself.
  • Prepare RPR property reports before you hold an open house. Having these reports at your fingertips during the event goes a long way in positioning you as THE local real estate expert. With these reports and the RPR Mobile app at your side, you’ll be able to answer any and every question thrown your way about the property, the neighborhood and the community. These conversation-starters are a keen lead generation tactic that helps agents connect with prospects, without coming on too strong.
  • A client thinks their home is worth $190K and wants to list it at that price. You know that it’s worth more. You use RPR to create a report that puts together concrete data and an RVM (Realtor Valuation Model®) Confidence score. Eight days later, the property sells for $220K, a full $30K more than the client initially expected. This one qualifies as a “close more deals” and a “wow moment”! Watch the actual story here.
  • Your neighbor, who is in the military, get restationed on the other side of the country and doesn’t have time to travel to the new area and look for housing. You prepare Neighborhood and School reports in RPR and present them to him and his family. You also run RPR Market Activity Reports so they get a feel for how much houses are going for in that area. The info and data you present them goes from a favor to you representing them as buyers when they return back to your neighborhood in a few short years.
  • Your client’s smoothie shop is wildly popular and she wants to expand and open another location in a different neighborhood. You run a Retail Gap Analysis report in RPR Commercial only to discover that the market is saturated. However, an adjacent area has no smoothie shops, which will position her business to be in high demand. You show her this concrete data and she is so impressed that she becomes your client for life.
  • You have a potential client who is listing their home, but they’re on the fence about hiring you or another agent. Your prospect has made some recent home renovations, including a full kitchen remodel. When it comes to giving a proper home valuation, you use RPR’s refinement tool, which lets you add various home improvements and reflects the home value increase in your report. Your price recommendation exceeds the other agent’s and you have the data to prove it. And spoiler alert, you get the listing.

As you can see, there are a million different ways RPR can help residential and commercial agents snag more clients and get those clients to closing. It’s a go-to tool that can increase your productivity, let you respond to customers in minutes and helps you make a positive impression over and over again.

To be a successful REALTOR®, you’ve got to “wow” your clients and prospects, and you’ve got to close more deals. Both are much more attainable when you integrate RPR into your daily business routine.

If you haven’t tried RPR yet, get started here. It’s part of your NAR membership, it’s easy to use, and it can help you close more deals.

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