Secret Weapons for Geographical Farm Marketing

Geographical farming is the act of marketing your real estate business to a neighborhood. This technique has proven to be an effective way for Realtors® to brand themselves as a neighborhood expert, while also providing opportunities to connect systematically with homeowners. But what should you think about when selecting your farm area? What type of property and market data will you deliver to homeowners? And where will you turn for all of their questions? The answer is RPR®. Let me show you…

Do Your Research

It’s important to ensure the geographic farm area meets your criteria before making a selection. Is the neighborhood nearby and easy to get to? Is the number of homes manageable for a consistent marketing outreach? What are the current sales trends? Does the area have an acceptable turnover rate? Does one agent currently dominate sales activity for the neighborhood or have homes been sold by many different agents? The wrong answer to any of these questions could affect the overall successfulness of your efforts.

Saving a geographic area in RPR

To look closer at homes and metrics within a geographical farm area, start by saving the precise geographic boundaries of your farm. Then when you want to pull sales activity and metrics like turnover, year-to-date sales or even year-to-year comparisons, running the numbers will be quick.

Using the RPR website, begin by searching the neighborhood or zip code of your farm. From the search results, navigate to “Map View” and zoom into your farm area. Use the polygon map tool and draw the boundaries for your farm. Once you’ve connected the last point, choose “save” and enter a name for your farm. Once complete, the search boundary has been saved and can be accessed later.