5 Simple Steps to Building a Stunning and Compelling RPR® Seller’s Report

Sellers want to know your listing presentation is based on a keen sense of the market, an expertise in determining value, and a tenacity that closes deals in the shortest time possible and at the highest price. Showcase your marketable assets by creating and sharing the most comprehensive, brand-building seller’s report available in today’s real estate market, the RPR Seller’s Report.

Is the report worth the paper it’s written on? Yes, and much more. Let’s find out how.

1 Begin with the exclusive RPR RVM®

One of the report’s most persuasive analytics, the exclusive RPR Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®), goes beyond traditional AVMs by incorporating listing and sales data into the equation.

As the only automated valuation product made exclusively for REALTORS®, the RVM is a great starting point in the pricing discussion with clients—a foundation you can use to weave your knowledge and the local market to arrive at the home’s most accurate value.

The RVM is accompanied by a Confidence Score—a value between zero and five stars that indicates the level to which each of the multiple models agrees with other estimated values for a given property. High confidence scores indicate that other models yield similar estimates for the property.

2 Drive by the subject property and neighborhood

Make the extra effort to drive by and snap a photo of the property, then upload it to the cover of your RPR report. It will demonstrate your commitment to individual attention and give you an opportunity to check out the condition of the property. Also, use RPR’s note taking tool to record your thoughts on the property’s condition and special features. Then use the Refined Value Tool’s sliding scale (see #3) to adjust the home’s value based on your observations.

3 Calculate ROI on home upgrades with the Refined Value tool

Another important feature used by REALTORS® when creating an RPR Seller’s Report, the Refined Value Tool, allows REALTORS® to tweak the RVM value of a home based on property characteristics, enhancements made or needed, and market conditions. There are four simple ways to refine the value of a property using RPR:

  1. Based on the home’s basic facts
    Not all listings are created equal, nor do the public records get it right every time. Help determine a spot-on market evaluation by confirming/adjusting the property’s basic facts—from the number of bedrooms to square footage and beyond.
  2. Based on improvements made
    By utilizing regional home improvement data from Zonda, a provider of housing development and market data, RPR can accurately calculate the depreciated value of home improvements.
  3. Based on needed improvements
    This feature subtracts the cost of needed improvements from the refined value of a home. It is useful when helping homeowners to consider the monetary effect necessary repairs will have on the property’s value.
  4. Based on market and home’s condition
    Use the sliding scale to adjust the home’s value based on your observations.
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4 Evaluate similar homes with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

RPR’s CMA, a key contributor to your Seller’s Report, helps determine a price or price range for a property that is both quantitative—based on comps and market information, as well as qualitative—reflecting your knowledge of the property, neighborhood and market.

One of the more unique features of RPR’s CMA, in addition to its user-friendly wizard, is the ability to adjust each comparable property to the subject property by way of a simple sliding scale. Users can also enter their own value or round the suggested comp value up or down.

From there, RPR’s step-by-step wizard will walk you through five simple steps to generate a CMA. You’ll confirm the home’s facts, search for and adjust the comps, land on your own list price, and then generate an RPR Seller’s Report.

5 Bring it all together with a stunning RPR Seller’s Report

It’s time to wrap up by generating your RPR Seller’s Report. Here your clients will find a customized report cover, your updated photo of the property, as well as your photo and contact information. Inside, they’ll find details such as the RVM, Refined Value and your Comp Analysis. Other features of the report include a breakdown of everything you want to know about the subject property, local market trends, side-by-side property comparisons, a pricing strategy, and a worksheet for estimated seller proceeds.

One of the report’s most unique features is the ability to insert your own PDF pages. This feature is an excellent way to showcase your biography, testimonials, personal and company statistics, your marketing plan, and any recommended professional services, among others. Brokers enrolled in RPR’s Broker Tool Set have the option to also include an additional five PDF pages for their agents to use as well.

Lastly, the Seller’s Report can be generated, displayed and/or emailed from your laptop, phone or tablet.

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