Introducing the new RPR / zipForm® Integration

RPR’s integration with zipform® offers yet another time-saving benefit for REALTORS® rattled by the need to jump from one platform to another when creating sales forms. Now, REALTORS® who use zipForm® can go directly to RPR’s Property Details page from zipForm®, and vice versa, via one simple click. The integration also allows Realtors® to create new zipForm transactions using public records information from RPR.

Setting up the Integration

From RPR’s Property Details page, most REALTORS® using zipForm® will automatically see the Transactions zipForm Edition button. If not, connect by way of your RPR User Profile. Choose Link Accounts and a series of simple prompts will help begin the process. Once complete, the Transactions zipForm Edition button will display on the Property Details page in RPR.

Connect zipForms and RPR

Users will then have the option to:

  • Go to specific transactions for that property address in zipForm®
  • Start a new transaction for the street address pulled up in RPR
  • Go to the RPR homepage

Creating and Retrieving Transactions from RPR

Access the zipForm® integration by by visiting the RPR Property Details page for the subject property. Then choose zipForm Transactions.

A window will open showing all transactions that match the city and state of the property in RPR. For example, accessing zipForm from a property in Des Moines, IA, will reveal the user’s previously created zipForm transactions from Des Moines.

Launch a transaction by clicking the property’s hyperlink, or choose Start a new zipForm transaction.

When starting a new zipForm transaction, a confirmation will appear to let you know that the new transaction has been created successfully in zipForm. Select Go to zipForm which opens a new browser tab.

Now from within zipForm, perform the steps to add and remove forms. Click on the pencil icon to the right of Property Summary to verify the imported public records information. Many form fields will be auto populated, such as address (used as Transaction Name), property full address, FIPS, tax account number, county, legal brief description, APN, legal subdivision name, year built, current owner name and full address; legal lot number, unit, city township, municipality, and block; and recorders book number and page number from assessments. Note: Listing data is not passed to zipForm.

Complete the zipForm transaction and then navigate back to the RPR Property Details page as shown in the graphic below.

Video Highlights of the RPR / ZipForm® Integration

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