RPR Integrates With CompStak to Deliver a Deal-Making Commercial Tool

RPR (Realtors Property Resource®) is excited to announce that we’re now offering our users another nifty tool in their commercial tool belt. In an effort to provide commercial agents with more of what they need to succeed, we are pleased to welcome CompStak as a new partner.

CompStak is a national commercial data platform that puts valuable CRE intel into commercial practitioners’ hands. CompStak offers commercial brokers, agents and appraisers access to commercial property comps. This is achieved through an information exchange which gathers and quality checks lease and sales comps from real world commercial professionals in the field.

CompStak’s free database provides millions of vetted, granular comps with no fees or contracts. This collaborative effort can save agents time and assist commercial specialists in getting more deals done.

RPR welcomes CompStak to your tech stack

Through RPR, REALTORS® can now access the CompStak Exchange, an analyst-reviewed comp data and analytics platform for no additional cost. CompStak can be located with just a click in RPR’s Additional Resource section, which is found on every RPR commercial property.

At its core, the system operates on agents sharing comps with each other and using/gaining credits. This “crowdsourcing” approach fosters use and collaboration amongst its users. REALTORS® will have access to 500 promotional credits which allows them to try out the product and to discover timely comps in their respective markets. REALTORS® can upload their own comps to earn additional credits.

Access to CompStak is now available to all REALTORS®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATES®, and Institute Affiliate Members.

Here’s how to access CompStak in RPR

1Claim your free account by linking from a commercial property in RPR. The CompStak logo will be displayed in the Additional Resources section.

2 A window will display stating you are leaving RPR for a partnered site.


After creating your account, access to the CompStak database will be granted, complete with 500 preloaded credits provided through this partnership.

4 Additional credits may be earned by uploading your own comps.

Get Commercial comps in RPR

RPR Commercial has been focused on being simple, succinct and the place to start a commercial property search. This new data integration goes a long way in supporting this commitment…

If you’re an RPR Commercial user, you’re encouraged to try out CompStak for quick access to accurate and transparent data. It certainly has the potential to provide REALTORS® with a competitive edge and can lead to better, faster deals.

Check out our blog Knowledge Base for even more details on CompStak and how this new commercial product integration works within RPR.

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